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Cryptoasset General Awareness

Course format: self-paced online

    Cryptoasset General Awareness Training Course Content

    This course equips professionals at all levels with basic crypto knowledge and an understanding of digital assets and blockchain technology.

    With this course you will learn:
    • How a blockchain works
    • Cryptoasset characteristics
    • Cryptoasset types and business models
    • How blockchain transactions work
    • Types of wallets and their purpose
    Cryptoasset General Awareness: Topics and Course Structure




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    Intended audience:

    This cryptoasset training course is suitable for anyone looking to better understand digital assets and blockchain technology, including those working in the first and second lines of defense. The course is appropriate for – but not restricted to – those in the following roles:

    • Know your customer (KYC)
    • Transaction monitoring
    • Screening
    • AML compliance
    • Investigations
    • Risk management
    • Sanctions
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    AML Foundations for Cryptoasset and Blockchain - Thumbnail 2

    Course structure:

    • Online and self-paced
    • Approximately 75 minutes of coursework
    • Complete within four weeks
    • 10-question final assessment (multiple attempts are allowed, 80% minimum passing score)


    What is a cryptoasset?
    What are the types of cryptoassets?