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The ACAMS Fraud Hub

A complete suite of fraud prevention resources for your organization.

Your Go-To Source for Fraud Protection

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ACAMS is committed to empowering you and your organization to tackle one of the world's fastest-growing financial crimes: fraud. Recognized as one of the top threats in ACAMS' 2024 Global Threats Survey, fraud is escalating worldwide, affecting multiple aspects of public and private economies.

The ACAMS Fraud Hub is a comprehensive ecosystem of anti-fraud training resources, designed to empower banks, non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs), and their fraud professionals. It supports those who manage and protect client funds, oversee transactions, investigate and detect fraud, and work to mitigate fraud losses.

Fraud Prevention Focus for Financial Institutions and NBFIs
Controlling Losses & Costs

Developing effective and sustainable fraud programs that minimize losses while controlling costs.

Upskilling, Cross-Training, & Retaining Staff

Implementing fraud training and certification programs to attract and retain talented staff, with clear paths for upskilling and cross-training.

Proactive Fraud Management

Establishing robust fraud programs that enable organizations to proactively combat fraud.

Outcomes-Focused Fraud Teams

Building results-oriented teams focused on achieving the right anti-fraud outcomes.

Enhancing Effectiveness

Improving the effectiveness of anti-fraud controls across people, processes, and technology.

Balancing Friction & Client Experience

Creating an optimal client experience while injecting the right level of friction to reduce fraud risk.

Collaboration & Information Sharing

Optimizing the sharing of fraud information across departments and the industry.

Improved Risk Management

Developing the right risk-based approach to fraud management.

Inside the ACAMS Fraud Hub


The CAFS Certification

The Certified Anti-Fraud Specialist (CAFS) certification is a rigorous program, designed to certify professionals at the forefront of fraud prevention.

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Fraud Certificate Courses

Online anti-fraud training courses that equip your team with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in fraud detection.

Available from November 2024:

  • Building a Fraud Management Program
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Fraud Detection and Analytics
  • Technologies to Combat Fraud
  • Fraud Case Studies

Fraud Webinars

Engaging online sessions that bring expert knowledge directly to you, focusing on the latest trends and methodologies in fraud prevention.

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News and Publications

Cutting-edge insights and analysis to keep you informed on the latest in fraud prevention techniques. Our content includes infographics, e-books, expert interviews and fraud alerts from our ACAMS Today magazine, plus news updates from

Premium Resources

Exclusive tools and materials that enhance your teams' understanding and capabilities in tackling fraud. This includes ACAMS Best Practice Guides, toolkits, quarterly threat mitigation publications, and other expertly produced content from our subject matter specialists.

Available from November 2024:

  • Best Practice Guide on Fraud Risk Assessment

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The "Financial Crime Matters with Kieran Beer" podcast, features episodes on new anti-fraud technologies and real-world stories of how organizations combat fraud. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and stay up-to-date on anti-fraud efforts while on the go. Listen to the latest fraud-related episode and subscribe to "Financial Crime Matters," available on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

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Strengthen Your Anti-Fraud Program

ACAMS offers complimentary consultations to help organizations build robust anti-fraud training programs. Our structured framework includes tailored learning paths for various roles, suitable for all experience levels.


The ACAMS curriculum covers financial institution challenges related to deposits, payments, controls, and client monies, including first, second, and third-party fraud. This integrated approach develops essential skills, fosters effective fraud prevention strategies, and prepares learners to excel while maintaining best practices.

Let’s Discuss Your Organization’s Anti-Fraud Needs

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