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Make Your AML Career Crypto Ready

The Certified Cryptoasset Anti-Financial Crime Specialist (CCAS) Certification enables your institution to identify and mitigate both crystallized and emerging cryptoasset threats.



    CCAS ensures your employees’ skills remain sharp and their knowledge current, with thorough exam preparation to earn the certification and an ongoing continuing education requirement to maintain the designation. Build a team of Certified Cryptoasset AFC Specialists and enhance your commitment to compliance in the eyes of regulators and other stakeholders. 

    About CCAS

    When combined with 18 months to two years of financial crime compliance experience, earning the Certified Cryptoasset AFC Specialist (CCAS) Certification means that an individual has the knowledge necessary to manage the risk of, and comply with regulations related to, financial crime in the context of the crypto sector.


    CCAS has been developed in conjunction with representatives from the cryptoasset sector, AML/CTF professionals, and other subject matter experts from a regulatory and law enforcement background. CCAS fills a gap in the market for a cryptocurrency AML certification – for both individual AML professionals and entire cryptoasset compliance functions.


    This cryptocurrency compliance certification program enables organizations to contextualize the threat cryptoassets pose, establish an effective risk appetite, and demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.

    Benefits of Obtaining CCAS


    For professionals

    ACAMS certifications are internationally renowned and recognized. Those who earn the CCAS designation will be distinguished as authorities on AML/CFT in the crypto space.


    Earning CCAS provides many career benefits for professionals, including:

    Meeting mandated AML training requirements through preparation and study, and increasing professional value

    Proof of AML and cryptocurrency compliance expertise, which can be provided to examiners and regulators

    An enhanced ability to protect their institution from money laundering threats and minimize financial crime risks


    For organizations

    As well as providing your employees with training and awareness in a fast-evolving environment, CCAS offers future proofing against exposure to cryptoassets.


    By employing those who have attained this crypto certification, organizations can demonstrate that their employees meet a specialized standard of knowledge relating to managing the risk of, and complying with regulations related to, financial crime. 

    Who is CCAS For?

    CCAS is designed for professionals working in the crypto sector, with responsibility for cryptocurrency compliance and managing the risks of cryptoasset-related financial crime.

    This cryptocurrency AML certification is also appropriate for individuals who want to expand their knowledge and better apply their skills to the crypto sector. This includes CAMS, CKYCA, CTMA, or CAFCA certified.



    Applicable job titles include:

    • AML or KYC analyst
    • Transaction monitoring analyst
    • AML investigator
    • AML management
    • Fraud investigator
    • AML officer
    • Chief compliance officer
    • Audit, special investigations
    • SAR/STR reporting officer
    • Regulatory examiner
    • Law enforcement
    • Blockchain technologist
    • Systems designer
    • Legal counsel
    • Intelligence analyst
    • Cyber security professionals

    CCAS Course Content

    This certification program includes key topics relevant to the cryptoasset sector. The training course incorporates three ACAMS online certificate courses:


    • Cryptoasset and blockchain (30%)

    • AML foundations for cryptoasset and blockchain (35%)

    • Risk management programs for cryptoasset and blockchain (35%)


    Candidates will also receive study materials to help them prepare with confidence for the exam.

    Candidate Requirements

    CCAS candidates need to have an active ACAMS membership, and 40 eligibility credits based on a combination of experience, education, and training.


    Experience of the crypto sector (law enforcement, products, vendors, regulatory, etc.) is desirable but not a prerequisite. It is also recommended to have approximately 18 months to two years of AFC experience, and ideally at least one year’s work experience in the crypto space.

    For a full list of requirements and more information about the CCAS program, please refer to the factsheet.

    The new CCAS program is currently not available online. To pre-purchase, download the factsheet and we will contact you, or you can also contact us.