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ACAMS Events
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    Unique Learning Experiences. 
    Stand-Out Locations.

    Now known by its new name, The Assembly convenes the anti-financial crime (AFC) world. Each gathering is a great assembly of minds, with professionals from across the public and private sectors, who come together to explore the most significant issues in AFC.


    Every year, ACAMS Assembly visits major destinations across the globe. Each event in The Assembly series is a unique experience, exploring both the regional topics affecting professionals locally, as well as globally relevant issues.

    Why Should I Bring My Team?

    Leaders from global organizations who attend our events can expect big name speakers imparting insights that challenge convention, broaden horizons, and sharpen team skill sets.


    Your team will have opportunities to:

    • Meet peers in a productive and creative environment
    • Access the latest AFC insights and emerging technologies
    • Understand where the industry is heading to help safeguard your institution from financial threats


    And they’ll leave The Assembly inspired, energized, and ready for the challenges ahead.


    Here are a few more reasons why your team should be a part of The Assembly:


    ACAMS Events for Organizations - Professional Dialogue and Networking
    Professional Dialogue and Networking

    Maximize networking opportunities by attending as a group and establish valuable connections with key stakeholders from the public and private sectors. Engaging with industry peers and experts can lead to potential collaborations, partnerships, and business growth opportunities.

    ACAMS Events for Organizations - Team Building and Collaboration
    Team Building and Collaboration

    By experiencing ACAMS events for teams together, your team can bond, exchange ideas, and brainstorm innovative solutions to common challenges. This can foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork, leading to increased productivity and a stronger organizational culture.

    ACAMS Events for Organizations - Enhanced Professional Reputation
    Enhanced Professional Reputation

    Attending as a team showcases your commitment to staying updated on industry trends and regulations. This positions your institution as a trusted and reliable partner in the fight against financial crime and can attract potential clients, investors, and business partners, ultimately contributing to your institution's growth and success.

    Making the Most Out of Your Participation

    There are different ways your organization can take advantage of your participation at an Assembly conference:

    • As a group attendee: In addition to the event’s program, ACAMS provides special team sessions for organizations looking to build an AFC training program. You can also schedule a private session with our specialists to discuss your organization’s benefits as an Enterprise member.
    • As a speaker: Being recognized as an active participant in your industry helps build your professional reputation. It can also open doors to new opportunities and enhance your organization’s credibility.
    • As a sponsor or exhibitor: Our sponsorship and exhibitor packages provide a unique opportunity to spotlight your organization’s contribution to the global fight against financial crime. Packages offer a range of benefits, including branding opportunities, speaking slots, and exclusive access to networking sessions. You’ll have extensive visibility throughout the event, with prominent signage, targeted marketing campaigns, and recognition in all event materials.
    • As a partner: ACAMS training solutions are in demand from AFC professionals globally. As an approved training partner, you can tap into the demand for ACAMS’ training and certifications in your region, enabling you to expand your customer base and grow your business. You can also use our events as a professional platform to meet with prospective clients and unveil new business opportunities.

    What Outcomes are Institutions Seeking Today?

    In the context of AFC efforts, institutions today are typically seeking to mitigate risks, comply with regulations, and maintain the integrity of the financial system. Here are some key AFC outcomes that institutions aim for:


    Advanced Threat Readiness

    The ability to operationalize responsiveness for risk and threats.

    Proactive Approach to Compliance

    Robust AFC compliance programs that enable organizations to proactively fight financial crime.

    Optimal Resource Utilization

    The right level of training and certification for each line of defense and role.

    Right Outcomes-Focused Organization

    Results-oriented teams focused on the right compliance outcomes.

    Upskilling, Cross-Training and Retention

    AFC compliance training and certification programs that attract and retain talented staff, with clear paths for upskilling and cross-training.

    Regulatory Ready

    AFC compliance programs that incorporate the right discipline and process for AFC training and certification, impressing regulators and auditors.

    C-Level and Board Support

    Support of C-suite and corporate board.

    Scalable Solutions

    Solutions that grow with the needs of your program.

    Our Speakers

    Our exceptional lineup of keynote speakers is what sets our conferences apart – visionaries shaping the future of AFC that empower professionals with the insights, guidance, and connections needed to navigate the ever-evolving compliance landscape. Our speakers, from both industry and government, focus on the most topical and challenging issues concerning money laundering, terrorist financing, and sanctions. Within ACAMS esteemed speaker faculty, we're honored to welcome speakers recognized for their roles and positions within the industry, including but not limited to:

    ACAMS Events for Organizations - Our Speakers



    • Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, U.S. Department of Treasury
    • President of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
    • Acting Director, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)



    • Detective Chief Superintendent, Garda National Economic Crime Bureau, Irish Financial Intelligence Unit
    • Head, European Financial and Economic Crime Centre (EFECC), Europol
    • Director, Office for Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI) and Economic Crime, HM Treasury
    • Presidential Adviser and Member of the Dedicated Working Group, Sanctions Policy, Office of the President of Ukraine
    • Director, U.S. Treasury Department for the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
    • Chief of the Cybercrime, Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Financing of Terrorism Department for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
    • Head of Unit, Financial Crime, DG FISMA at the European Commission
    • Executive Secretary, Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and Executive Director for ACAMS
    ACAMS Success Stories - Nicholas J. Schumann

    “Our teams derive many benefits from attending ACAMS conferences. ​First and foremost, building and strengthening relationships, both within the financial sector–and perhaps most importantly – with stakeholders across the public sector. 

    We’re talking incredibly important relationships with our law enforcement partners, regulators, technology firms, and members of civil society, including non-profit organizations who are doing great work combating financial crime.”​

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    From the Americas to Australasia, The Assembly is the meeting point for AFC professionals. Tickets are currently available for the events listed below – visit each event’s homepage to discover its themes, speakers, and venue.


    Bring Your Team

    Stay ahead of criminals and safeguard your institution from financial threats, while providing valuable knowledge to your team that helps them understand where the industry is heading.


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