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    Our chapter was launched in 2019 by an Executive Board comprised of a diverse team of anti-money laundering professionals from both the public and private sectors in The Bahamas. The Chapter is committed to assisting ACAMS International in its mission “to advance the professional knowledge, skills, and experience of those dedicated to the detection and prevention of international money laundering” by:

    • providing local perspective and input into regional and international standards for the detection and prevention of financial crime, including money laundering and terrorist financing;
    • establishing more networking platforms upon which local AML/CTF professionals can collaborate with peers throughout the archipelago of The Bahamas and its neighboring countries;
    • providing a forum for local ACAMS member events on a regular basis, and facilitating ACAMS-approved potential speakers, trainers and sponsors to address the membership on a periodic basis;
    • promoting growth for the AML/CTF community in The Bahamas and complementing our message to the global community that there is zero tolerance in The Bahamas for financial criminals;
    • offering unique benefits for Bahamians and local residents who sign on as members of The Bahamas ACAMS Chapter;
    • providing the government and other industry partners such as the Bahamas Association of Compliance Officers (BACO), the Central Bank of The Bahamas, the Securities Commission of The Bahamas, the Insurance Commission, the Gaming Board, the Compliance Commission, Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and other interested stakeholders, a diverse pool of AML/CFT expertise through the promotion of cross-functional and real-world experiences;
    • becoming a trusted partner/advisor for the professional associations in the Caribbean region;
    • having a forum to work more cohesively with CFATF, CARTAC and other agencies in the region on AML/CFT matters; and
    • providing an enjoyable experience to all its members


    Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments. If you are interested in joining, please click here.

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    To join as a chapter member, you must have an active ACAMS membership.

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