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Transaction Monitoring Foundations

Course format: self-paced online

    Course Content

    This transaction monitoring course breaks the topic down into a bite-size learning path. Course content has been written by global subject matter experts, pulling examples from many countries and contexts. Lessons and examples are relevant to any industry, but the primary focus of study is financial institutions, including:

    • Banks
    • Credit unions
    • Asset managers
    • Insurance
    • Money services businesses (MSBs)
    • Securities broker-dealers
    • Credit card issuers
    • Alternate payment systems

    With Transaction Monitoring Foundations, you will learn how to:

    • Identify key components of the transaction monitoring process
    • Accurately identify and manage different types of risk
    • Assess, investigate, and escalate unusual customer activity
    • Determine whether to clear or escalate suspicious activity
    • Analyze alerts to decide the right course of action (SAR vs STR)
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    A Stepping Stone in Your Transaction Monitoring Career

    Transaction Monitoring Foundations is a great first step in your AML compliance career. On finishing the course and passing a short assessment, you will earn a recognized ACAMS transaction monitoring certificate.


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    Intended audience for Transaction Monitoring Foundations

    Transaction Monitoring Foundations has been designed to provide a foundation-level transaction monitoring certificate for anyone involved in compliance and AML monitoring. Participants may be early in their compliance career, or more experienced professionals looking to reinforce their knowledge and improve their organization’s transaction monitoring program. The intended audience for this certificate includes:

    • People new to transaction monitoring compliance
    • Front-line transaction monitoring employees
    • Professionals looking for a refresher transaction monitoring course
    • Professionals looking to progress towards Transaction Monitoring Intermediate or CTMA
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    Course structure:

    • Four-week online transaction monitoring course
    • Available on desktop or mobile (and most other devices)
    • Complete the four hours of coursework at your own pace
    • Pass a short, 20-question final assessment to receive your ACAMS Transaction Monitoring Certificate
    • Results available immediately


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