AML Foundations

Course Format: Self-paced Online

    AML Foundations: Course Content

    The AML Foundations course breaks a complex topic down into a bite-size learning path.  


    Course content has been written by global subject matter experts, pulling examples from many countries and contexts. Lessons and examples are relevant to any industry, but the primary focus of study is financial institutions, including:


    • Banks
    • Credit unions, 
    • Asset managers
    • Insurance
    • Money-services-businesses (MSBs)
    • Securities broker-dealers
    • Credit card issuers
    • Alternate payment systems

    With AML Foundations, you will learn:

    • How to define different types of financial crime

    • The different types of risk and what a risk-based approach means

    • How compliance roles work together to reduce risk

    • How to identify the specific risk management programs

    • The due diligence process and its related information sources

    • The process for identifying and reporting unusual and suspicious customer activity

    Earn a Recognized AML Certificate

    The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) describes money laundering as the processing of criminal proceeds to hide their illegal origin, enabling criminals to enjoy these profits without jeopardizing their source. If left unchecked or dealt with infectively, money laundering can have significant social and political costs.

    The actions of compliance professionals and front-line employees, supported by AML technology, is vital in the fight against money laundering. By studying this certificate course in anti-money laundering you will gain an understanding of the role you play in AML, and the impact you can have.

    On finishing the course and passing a short assessment, you will earn a recognized anti-money laundering certificate. 


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    Intended audience for AML Foundations

    AML Foundations has been designed to provide a foundation level anti-money laundering certificate for anyone involved in financial crime prevention. It is suitable for early career compliance professionals, and for non-compliance employees at any level who require practical AML training for their roles. This includes:

    • Entry-level AML compliance professionals

    • Front-line business employees

    • Professionals looking for a stepping stone towards taking CAMS

    AML Foundations course structure:

    • Four-week online AML course

    • Available on desktop or mobile (and most other devices)

    • Complete the four hours of coursework at your own pace

    • Pass a short, 20-question final assessment to receive your AML certificate

    • Results available immediately