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ACAMS Risk Assessment

A global, standardized solution, to assess your institution’s money laundering risk.

    ACAMS Risk Assessment provides financial institutions worldwide with a comprehensive and automated means of measuring, understanding, and explaining their money laundering risks.

    The Solution for Meeting Today’s Regulatory Challenges

    Based on a methodology designed by leading anti-money laundering (AML) subject matter experts, ACAMS Risk Assessment offers peace of mind through global standardization and helps financial institutions of all sizes meet their regulatory challenges.


    Our AML Risk Assessment tool objectively and consistently responds to the guidance of authoritative and regulatory bodies worldwide, giving institutions confidence that their AML and risk management program is up to par with the latest global best practices, guidance, and regulations.


    Confidence Through Standardization

    Our globally standardized methodology validates scoring decisions, provides data and narratives on internal AML controls, and measures the effectiveness of control programs. Controls and control effectiveness evaluations are mapped against best practices and guidance from global authoritative sources, paving the way for better AML risk assessment standards.

    Efficiency Through Automation

    Multi-user platform helps identify money laundering risks within and across lines of business and assists in mitigating risk by filling the gaps in AML controls.

    Transparency in Communicating Your Money Laundering Risks

    Presentation-ready reports, summaries, and scoring deliver a comprehensive money laundering risk profile to examiners, board members, and other stakeholders.

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    Comprehensive, Automated Risk Profile

    Stay Ahead of Changing Requirements

    ACAMS Risk Assessment is web-based, allowing for timely and seamless updates to help you keep up with ever-changing regulatory requirements.

    The ACAMS Risk Assessment tool automates cumbersome manual processes to give you time to focus on what matters most: understanding and mitigating your institution's money laundering risk.

    Multiple-User Platform

    Multiple-user platform facilitates enterprise-wide risk assessments across multiple lines of business, geographic locations, and other applicable criteria.

    Automated Risk Scoring

    Flexible and automated residual risk scoring supports varied levels of complexity, and accommodates to institutions of all sizes – from community banks to global financial institutions.

    Presentation-Ready Reports

    Presentation-ready reports clearly communicate your institution’s risk – from comprehensive reports to high level summaries – with dynamic graphic features such as tables, pie charts, and more.

    A Holistic View Across Multiple Areas of Risk

    AML Risk Assessment

    Identifies risk across your organization’s products, high-risk customer types, and geographies.

    Helps establish global AML control standards and determine the effectiveness of your institution’s AML risk management program, including internal preventative and detective controls.

    Suspicious Activity Risk Assessment

    Offers coverage for a full range of suspicious activities; from structuring to fraud, terrorist financing to money laundering, tax evasion to insider trading, and other financial crime activities in between.

    Sanctions Program Risk Assessment

    Presents global best practices for establishing a sound sanctions program framework.

    Measures quantity of sanctions risk relating to an institution’s customer base, international transactions, e-banking products, and much more.

    Anti-Money Laundering Risk Assessment FAQs

    Please note, the content included within these FAQs is for general information purposes only, and it is neither legal nor business advice. You should consult your own legal and business advisors for advice that applies to your particular situation.


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