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Invest in your Financial Crime Investigative Skills

Prove your existing investigation skills and build on your ability to effectively communicate suspicious activity, with the Advanced CAMS-Financial Crimes Investigations (CAMS-FCI) certification.


    In light of recent international sanctions, ACAMS and the company that administers its exams, Pearson VUE, have suspended examination services throughout Russia and Belarus until further notice.
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    Advanced CAMS-FCI is a leading certification for anti-financial crime (AFC) investigators. It equips professionals with the knowledge to conduct complex financial crimes investigations that involve multifaceted money laundering schemes and advanced typologies.

    A Global, Exam-Based Certification

    The Advanced CAMS-FCI training course teaches professionals how to successfully detect, investigate, and report suspicious transactions and communicate with law enforcement effectively. 

    Formerly an in-person course, Advanced CAMS-FCI is now a global exam-based certification. Candidates can prepare at a pace convenient to them and take the exam either virtually, via online proctoring, or in-person at selected test center locations.  

    Benefits of Advanced CAMS-FCI


    Completing Advanced CAMS-FCI enables professionals from financial institutions, governments, and law enforcement agencies to:

    Demonstrate efficiency and effectiveness while conducting investigations
    Successfully communicate and share useful information
    Certify their advanced expertise, and reach new professional heights

    Who is Advanced CAMS-FCI for?

    This advanced-level certification is designed primarily and specifically for those who perform and/or supervise financial crime investigations within regulated institutions, or wish to do so. It is also appropriate for any professional who would benefit from advanced knowledge of financial crime investigations.

    Applicable job titles include:

    • AML Officer or AML Risk Officer
    • Financial Crimes Investigator
    • Global Financial Crimes Investigator
    • AFC/AML Manager or Team Lead
    • Special Investigations Unit Investigator

    The new Advanced CAMS-FCI program Is currently not available online. For information on how to purchase and apply, please contact us.


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