ACAMS Sanctions Global Space

The ACAMS Sanctions Space

In a world of increasingly complex sanctions compliance regulations and regulatory rigor, global organizations are facing a growing challenge where sanctions and global markets are vigorously interlaced. This challenge has raised the bar for multinational institutions to stay compliant with sanctions laws to ensure they’re not caught on the wrong side of monetary penalty. It requires a strictly enforced and well-defined sanctions program, a specialized knowledge set and an effective sanctions compliance and risk management culture.

The ACAMS Sanctions Space

The ACAMS Sanctions Space provides a holistic solution for organizations to empower their workforce to remain compliant with complex sanctions laws. This program is strategically structured with a world-class global sanctions certification (CGSS), as well as learning, networking, and thought leadership opportunities for professionals at different stages of their career.


Explore the options ACAMS has carefully crafted for your institution and taskforce, to advance your knowledge, stay up-to-date, and build your network in global sanctions compliance.

Global Sanctions Monthly Update

Our Global Sanctions Monthly Update is a 40-minute presentation designed to keep compliance professionals informed of essential developments in the ever-dynamic world of sanctions. These updates will alert our global community to key changes to sanctions regimes, as well as offer a synopsis of relevant geopolitical developments and proposed legislation. Each includes a general update, geo-political update, regulatory update, and a spotlight issue. This monthly update will help you understand the trends and be able to prepare for what may be coming.


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