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Sanctions Space

The ACAMS Sanctions Space is led by accomplished
sanctions and counter-terrorism expert Dr. Justine
Walker. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your
knowledge with a leading subject matter specialist
on global sanctions implementation.

    For individuals

    Whether you are looking to hone your expertise, or you’re just starting out, the ACAMS Sanctions Space has the resources to help your career in sanctions compliance.

    For organizations

    Equip your sanctions and financial crime compliance teams with the knowledge and skills to effectively navigate the constantly evolving world of global sanctions.

    Sanctions Watch

    Formerly, the Global Sanctions Monthly Update.


    These expert-moderated, half-hour sessions are designed to keep compliance professionals up to date in the ever-dynamic world of sanctions.


    Each members-only webinar typically covers:

    • Changes across the international sanctions landscape, including sanctions regimes, relevant geopolitical developments, and legislation.
    • Global sanctions regulatory updates, guidance, and advisories.
    • Compliance considerations and their potential impact to the ACAMS AFC community.


    To access this exclusive content, search for Sanctions Watch here.


    Looking for Global Sanctions Monthly Updates prior to January 2024? You can search for them using the ACAMS learning management system (LMS).

    The Sanctions Masterclass, with Dr. Justine Walker 

    Our Sanctions Masterclass provides a deep dive into some of the most challenging sanctions issues. Led by ACAMS Head of Global Sanctions and Risks, Dr. Justine Walker, each webinar’s topic is shaped by members of our International Sanctions Compliance Task Force.


    The Sanctions Masterclass focuses on the practical application of compliance measures. You can expect to hear real-life examples of sanctions compliance in action.


    Each Masterclass is presented live, with a question-and-answer session at the end that allows you to put your questions to the experts. All Masterclasses are recorded and made available to subscribers to view on-demand.


    Latest Masterclasses:

    Global Sanctions Webinars

    These webinars feature a panel of experts who will get to the heart of complex sanctions issues. Presented live, you can pose your questions to the panelists using our Q&A function. All webinars are recorded and available to view after the event.


    In our Rapid Response Webinars, we react to breaking news from the global sanctions space. Designed to give you the latest insight as quickly as possible, Rapid Response Webinars are released in response to new developments or regulations that affect sanctions professionals.


    Latest Rapid Response Webinars:


    Other Webinars:

    Global Roundtables

    Bringing together perspectives from around the world, the global roundtable Series examines prevalent topics in the world of anti-financial crime. Participants are encouraged to get involved in the conversation with international experts, to discuss and share experiences, approaches, and thoughts, through the use of a live Q&A function.


    Latest Roundtables:

    Sanctions White Papers and Publications

    ACAMS white papers explore in detail issues relating to sanctions and enforcement. Follow the links below to explore our recent publications.


    Latest White Papers and Publications:

    Leading the Global Sanctions Compliance Conversation

    ACAMS promotes public-private sector dialogue, bringing together eminent voices from the sanctions industry. We focus on the global implementation of sanctions measures through our thought-leadership resources, including regular white papers, publications, and updates from our international task forces.


    The ACAMS International Sanctions Compliance Task Force
    Events for Sanctions Professionals


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