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Fraud is a Growing Threat. 
It’s Time to Act.

Become a Certified Anti-Fraud Specialist with ACAMS. 
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    As the risk of fraud increases, professionals and organizations must find ways to stop criminals in their tracks. Educating yourself on fraud prevention, detection, and response strategies will help you implement robust fraud controls, safeguard customer assets, and mitigate losses.

    About the Program

    ACAMS’ new certification, Certified Anti-Fraud Specialist (CAFS), is dedicated to providing fraud professionals with a comprehensive and balanced learning framework.


    CAFS uniquely addresses the specific challenges faced by banks and non-bank financial institutions today. From authorized push payments to account takeovers, our program reviews both well-known and emerging fraud typologies, equipping professionals with the specialized knowledge and skills required to effectively combat emerging fraud schemes.


    The CAFS program covers key topics across the spectrum of prevention, detection, and response, including fraud analytics, using technology to combat fraud, and completing successful fraud investigations.

    Benefits of Obtaining CAFS


    For professionals

    Whether you currently work in an anti-fraud role, or are looking to diversify your skillset, becoming a Certified Anti-Fraud Specialist can take your career to new heights.


    Learn how to tackle fraud and safeguard customer assets

    Lead anti-fraud measures to minimize fraud losses

    Diversify your skillset and open new career doors


    For organizations

    CAFS helps you safeguard your organization and your customers from the threat of fraud. Training and certifying your fraud team in CAFS strengthens your organization’s defenses in combating fraud through prevention, detection, and effective response, using technology and automation to build efficient controls.


    Building a CAFS-certified team empowers your organization to:

    • Demonstrate your commitment to combating fraud and protecting customer and stakeholder assets
    • Create a robust fraud risk program to foster trust and confidence in the marketplace
    • Unleash the power of analytics and prevent fraud, minimizing losses and the reputational damage associated with its aftermath
    • Enable speedy resolution of suspected fraud cases, reducing operational disruption and enhancing customer experience
    • Standardize and enhance the skills and knowledge of your fraud professionals globally


    The CAFS Certification is tailored for professionals at financial institutions and non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs) who are currently working in or considering fraud-related roles. It’s also suitable for those in anti-financial crime (AFC) positions looking to enhance their fraud expertise.


    This certification is especially beneficial for professionals directly involved in executing or overseeing fraud controls. In addition, CAFS provides valuable knowledge for personnel in related functions such as cyber-crime, information security, and AFC, who can benefit from an understanding of fraud dynamics.

    Recommended Candidates for CAFS

    • Professionals working on anti-fraud teams across prevention, detection, and fraud response
    • Managers and supervisors overseeing fraud teams
    • Fraud officers, investigators, and other fraud specialist roles responsible for executing and managing anti-fraud programs
    • Professionals auditing fraud controls
    • Technology and product specialists supporting anti-fraud measures
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    Suitable Roles for CAFS

    This certification suits a range of roles, including but not limited to:

    • Fraud officer
    • Fraud investigator
    • Fraud manager or team lead
    • Fraud analyst
    • Fraud reporting analyst
    • Heads of fraud technology

    Relevant Industries for CAFS

    Organizations across various sectors can enhance their protective measures against financial, regulatory, and reputational risks by having CAFS-certified fraud specialists on their teams. Relevant industries include:

    • Banks
    • Card and payment service providers
    • Money service businesses
    • Securities/stockbroker dealers
    • Cryptocurrency service providers
    • Other FinTech companies that process or manage client assets
    • Credit unions
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    Program Components

    The CAFS certification is structured in a modular format, comprising five distinct modules, or certificate courses, that provide practical, real-world applications of the concepts learned. This design ensures a comprehensive understanding of the material through both theoretical knowledge and practical application.


    The five modules are:

    1. Building a Fraud Management Program
    2. Fraud Detection and Analytics
    3. Fraud Investigations
    4. Technologies to Combat Fraud
    5. Fraud Case Studies


    To earn the Certified Anti-Fraud Specialist Certification, candidates must complete all five certificates as part of their learning program and pass the proctored CAFS exam.


    Certificates can also be purchased separately, and will be available from November 2024.

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    Education & Training

    Credits received for the completion of CAFS courses will apply to your eligibility. The CAFS course provides 17 credits, and the Virtual Classroom Series provides an additional 12 credits.

    CAFS Exam Packages

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    Purchase Your CAFS Package at a Special Introductory Rate

    Prices below reflect the introductory pricing, available from 
    July 10 to October 10, 2024.*


    We're also offering special pricing on our CAFS Certification packages for groups of 20+ employees, Enterprise members, and ACAMS-certified members. Request a consultation to learn more about these exclusive discounts.


    CAFS is currently available for pre-purchase only, with study materials and the exam available in November 2024.


    Standard Package
    Virtual Classroom Bundle
    Guía de estudio electrónica (PDF)
    Curso de aprendizaje electrónico
    Preguntas de repaso
    Examen de práctica
    Seis clases en línea de 2 horas en línea
    The CAFS Exam
    Sector privado
    Sector público
    Standard Package
    Guía de estudio electrónica (PDF)
    Curso de aprendizaje electrónico
    Preguntas de repaso
    Examen de práctica
    The CAFS Exam
    Sector privado
    Sector público
    Virtual Classroom Bundle
    Guía de estudio electrónica (PDF)
    Curso de aprendizaje electrónico
    Preguntas de repaso
    Examen de práctica
    Seis clases en línea de 2 horas en línea
    The CAFS Exam
    Sector privado
    Sector público

    (Pre-Sale) CAFS Certified Anti-Fraud Specialist - English
    (Pre-Sale) CAFS Certification Package with Virtual Classroom (Jan 28, 2025)


    *Promotional offers begin July 9, 2024 at 11:59 PM EST and must be accepted by completed purchase by 11:59 PM EST on October 10, 2024. Prices are subject to change thereafter. Alternative promotions may be available for CAFS Certification group purchases of 20 or more, as well as to certain qualifying new Enterprise customers, and current ACAMS Certification holders. Promotional offers may not be combined. Please contact your ACAMS account manager for more information.

    CAFS Virtual Classroom Series Schedule

    Virtual Classroom is a live, web-based study course that includes two-hour virtual classes every week, over a six-week period. It provides candidates with additional guided instructions to help them retain and reinforce key concepts covered in the CAFS Study Guide.

    Jan 28 - Mar 4, 2025, US 12 PM ET - English

    Anti-Fraud Resources

    If you’re looking to upskill your fraud team or cross-train AFC professionals, CAFS is a vital addition to your company’s training program.


    Alongside achieving certified status, ACAMS’ anti-fraud resources can enable your team to keep their knowledge up to date. In addition to our CAFS Certification, we offer fraud-related certificate courses, webinars, publications, articles, fraud alerts, and special features. There are a full range of options for professionals at different stages of their careers – from entry level to advanced expertise.


    Visit the ACAMS Fraud Hub to find out more.

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