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Cryptoasset General Awareness Training

This training course equips employees at all levels with basic crypto knowledge.

Why Is Cryptoasset General Awareness Important?

As financial technology continues to evolve, it’s vital for organizations and AFC professionals to have a good understanding of emerging trends and technologies. 


Covering key areas like digital assets and blockchain technology, ACAMS Cryptoasset General Awareness training is appropriate for professionals at all levels. 

Enhance Your Employees’ Cryptoasset Knowledge

The Cryptoasset General Awareness course is suitable for anyone looking to better understand digital assets and blockchain technology, including those working in the first and second lines of defense. 


This course targets professionals working in know your customer (KYC), transaction monitoring, screening, AML compliance, investigations, risk management, and sanctions. 


Cryptoasset General Awareness is an online course. It can be delivered through the ACAMS learning management system (LMS) or hosted on your organization’s LMS – depending on the needs of your organization and the purchase modalities. It is designed to work for organizations of all sizes, regardless of location, and it’s quick and simple to implement.

Cryptoasset General Awareness Training Topics and Course Structure

Course topics:
  • How a blockchain works
  • Cryptoasset characteristics
  • Cryptoasset types and business models
  • How blockchain transactions work
  • Types of wallets and their purpose
Course structure:
  • Online and self-paced
  • Approximately 75 minutes of training
  • 10-question final assessment (multiple attempts are allowed, 80% minimum passing score)
Cryptoasset General Awareness: Topics and Course Structure

Cryptoasset General Awareness Course Content

The knowledge gained from this cryptoasset training for corporations will give your AFC professionals a basic understanding of digital assets and blockchain technology. Providing your workforce with these foundational insights will help limit risk and safeguard your organization.


The Cryptoasset General Awareness Training course covers essential topics including:

  • Blockchain infrastructure and common features
  • Cryptoassets and mining
  • Centralized vs. decentralized cryptoasset types
  • Cryptoasset business models
  • Cryptoasset anonymity
  • Blockchain transactions


Download our factsheet for full course content, and to understand how ACAMS can help improve your employees’ basic cryptoasset knowledge.


The Benefits of Cryptoasset General Awareness Training

Seamless implementation

Cryptoasset General Awareness is a SCORM-format course, hosted on your organizations’ learning management system or delivered through the ACAMS learning management system (LMS) – depending on the needs of your organization and the purchase modalities.

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Relevant to all employees

The content included in this cryptoasset training is relevant for professionals across the organization who want to understand the basic principles of cryptoasset and blockchain technology, from front office to second line of defense.

Expertise and neutrality

Developed by experts, this corporate cryptoasset training benefits from ACAMS' neutral stance on the supposed advantages of cryptoassets and their underlying blockchain technology. Professionals taking the course can also visit ACAMS Crypto Hub to complement their learning around the involvement of cryptoassets and blockchain in financial crime.

Interested in ACAMS Cryptoasset General Awareness training for your own professional development?

If you are interested in taking the course for your own professional development, you can register here.


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