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IBF Level 2 Certification Requirement

IBF Certification is an industry endorsed mark of quality for finance professionals in Singapore. The IBF Certification is awarded to practitioners who have attained the required skills for the selected industry segment and function, and are expected to uphold values of professional excellence, integrity and commitment to the industry. Practitioners who successfully complete the (i) CAMS6SG (ii) Certified Transaction Monitoring Associate (CTMA) (iii) Advanced CAMS – Risk Management programmes and fulfil the eligibility criteria for IBF Certification may apply via


To be eligible for IBF Advanced (Level 2), applicants should currently be in a Compliance role in a Financial Institution and have at least 3 years of AML/CFT related experience. To find out more about IBF Certification and the application process, please visit

Eligibility of Funding

IBF-STS Funding

In order to apply for the IBF-STS Funding, applicants MUST be Singapore citizens or permanent residents and pass any of the following modules: CAMS+SG AML Regime Exam, Advanced CAMS RM, and CTMA. Once an eligible candidate has completed and passed either the CAMS+SG AML Regime Exam, Advanced CAMS RM or CTMA, they can apply for IBF-STS Funding.


Visit to find out more about the funding support available.


  CAMS + SG AML Regime Exam Advanced CAMS RM CTMA
IBF Funding Subsidy Pass (Standalone) Pass (Standalone) Pass (Standalone)
IBF Level 2 Certification Must pass Must pass Must pass



IBF-STS Funding Application

Once an eligible candidate has completed and passed the CAMS+SG AML Regime Exam, Advanced CAMS RM, or CTMA, they can apply for IBF-STS Funding.


For company-sponsored candidates: the candidate’s company is responsible for claims submissions to IBF via their company’s login access on the IBF portal.


For non-company-sponsored candidates: candidates are to submit the funding application form and copy of NRIC to ACAMS within one week of passing the following exams (CAMS+Singapore AML Regime, Advanced CAMS RM and CTMA) for processing. ACAMS will submit the claims on behalf of candidates. For further assistance, please email


For Enhanced Funding Support (attempted first exam on or after April 8, 2020), ACAMS will be required to submit the claim application to IBF within one month from the candidate’s second exam pass date. As such, for any late submission by candidates, an appeal letter will need to be submitted to ACAMS for it to be submitted to IBF on the candidate’s behalf. Please note that all applications and appeals are subject to be reviewed and approved by IBF.


The usual disbursement timeline for non-company sponsored funding application is approximately four to six months.