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    Global Sanctions Monthly Update

    Our Global Sanctions Monthly Update is a 40-minute presentation designed to keep compliance professionals informed of essential developments in the ever-dynamic world of sanctions. These updates will alert our global community to key changes to sanctions regimes, as well as offer a synopsis of relevant geopolitical developments and proposed legislation. Each includes a general update, geo-political update, regulatory update, and a spotlight issue. This monthly update will help you understand the trends and be able to prepare for what may be coming.


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    Monthly Update: China and Belarus Developments 
    Released on July 2021.
    Provides an update on the latest China sanctions developments, such as Executive Order 14032 and the new CMIC list, China’s Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law, and Xinjiang-related developments. The latest round of EU sanctions on Belarus, including implications and key compliance considerations, are also covered.


    Monthly Update: Post-Brexit Sanctions: 6-Month Review 
    Released on June 2021.
    Includes a 6-month-on review of sanctions post-Brexit, with key differences between the UK and EU regimes, recent developments on the EU Blocking Regulation, and implications of the latest round of designations against Myanmar and the governor of the Central Bank.


    Monthly Update: Russia and FATF's PF Guidance 
    Released on May 2021.
    Includes a focus on the recent Russia sanctions, such as the significance of restrictions on Russian sovereign debt, as well as wider China and Myanmar developments. Furthermore, it examined the FATF Proliferation Finance Draft Guidance, ACAMS’ submission, and areas for further public/private dialogue.


    Monthly Update: China and Myanmar  
    Released on April 2021.
    April’s edition provides an update on rapidly changing developments with regards to China – such as the recent Xinjiang-related sanctions and countersanctions - and includes a deep-dive into Myanmar sanctions and the business risk environment.


    Monthly Update: Yemen  
    Released on March 2021.
    Includes examining recent Russia sanctions developments, such as those relating to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, as well as a spotlight discussion on the terrorist financing-sanctions-risk context in Yemen.


    Monthly Update: Sudan Part II 
    Released on February 2021.
    Includes a spotlight on recent developments concerning Sudan, as well as a geopolitical risk update on China/Hong Kong developments – including aspects such as China’s blocking regulation.


    Monthly Update: Brexit Lists and CCMC sanctions 
    Released on January 2021.
    Examined Brexit-related changes and alignment for sanctions screening lists, as well as a spotlight discussion on Chinese Military Companies sanctions. 


    Monthly Update: Brexit 
    Released on December 2020.
    Featured a spotlight discussion on UK-sanctions post Brexit.


    Monthly Update: Energy Sanctions and Waivers 
    Released on November 2020.
    Examined recent China/Hong Kong developments, including the publication of the US State Department list of “foreign persons” under Section 5(a) of the Hong Kong Autonomy Act (HKAA) and issuance of related FAQs, and features a spotlight discussion on energy sanctions and waivers.


    Monthly Update: Supply Chain Sanctions Risks 
    Released on October 2020.
    Examined China/Hong Kong developments, including the issuance of Global Magnitsky General License 2A, and discussed navigating supply chain sanctions risks in the context of COVID-19.


    Monthly Update: Iran 
    Released on September 2020.
    Featured a spotlight discussion on current deliberations surrounding UN snapback of Iran sanctions, as well as an update on FATF Proliferation Financing developments.


    Monthly Update: Sudan   
    Released on August 2020.
    Examined Hong Kong/China developments, changes to CAATSA Guidance, and the UK’s autonomous human rights sanctions regime, and included a spotlight discussion on Sudan.


    Monthly Update: US Access to Overseas Records 
    Released on July 2020.
    Covered China/Hong Kong developments, an update on Brexit preparations, and featured a spotlight on US access to overseas records.


    Monthly Update: OFAC Reporting  
    Released on June 2020.
    Featured a spotlight discussion on OFAC reporting, including a summary of reporting obligations and challenges for non-US persons, as well as an overview of Syria sanctions, including the CAESAR Act and the recently issued Risk Management Principles Guide. It also outlined some of the key aspects of the US Maritime Sanctions Advisory.


    Monthly Update: UN DPRK Panel of Experts Report  
    Released on May 2020.
    Covered geopolitical horizon scanning with regards to China, Russia, Venezuela, and Iran, and featured a spotlight discussion on the UN DPRK Panel of Experts report.