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KYC Intermediate

Course Format: Live Online

    You will learn how to:

    • Manage high-risk clients and conduct risk-based escalation
    • Categorize your risk into customer, jurisdiction, product and channel risks
    • Review customers that are difficult to identify, including shell companies and UBOs
    • Spot inconsistencies in information and use open-source information to validate your findings
    • Identify customers that are high-risk for bribery, tax evasion and sanctions violations
    • Produce and maintain customer profiles and conduct ongoing due diligence
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    Who is this course for?

    • Those who have completed our KYC Foundations certificate
    • Those with basic skills in this area of expertise
    • Those looking to progress to our Certified KYC Specialist Associate (CKYCA) qualification
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    Course Structure

    • Online and self-paced
    • 4 hours of coursework
    • 4 weeks to complete
    • 20-question final assessment