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AML General Awareness Training

ACAMS AML General Awareness Training equips employees with knowledge of basic anti-money laundering (AML) principles.

Enhance Your Employees’ Anti-Money Laundering Awareness

AML General Awareness is an online course, hosted on your organization’s learning management system. It is designed to work for organizations of all sizes, regardless of location, and it is quick and simple to implement.


On completing the training course, your employees will understand the importance of tackling financial crime. Employees will gain an increased awareness of financial crime risks and the controls needed to mitigate them.

Why is AML Awareness Important?

Money laundering is linked to both organized crime and terrorist groups, and has significant political, economic, and social costs. Alongside the moral imperative to act, many organizations – particularly in the financial services sector – have a regulatory obligation to prevent money laundering taking place.


Anti-money laundering awareness and compliance is an important part of meeting regulatory requirements. Regulated entities should ensure employees are aware of anti-money laundering practices, so they can identify AML risks in their day-to-day roles. Effective AML training supports organizations to do this.


ACAMS AML General Awareness Training gives you the confidence that there is a consistent level of AML awareness across your organization. You will also have a record that training has taken place, ready to supply as evidence that your organization is adhering to AML requirements.

AML General Awareness Training Objectives and Course Structure


AML General Awareness Training learning objectives:
  • Define and differentiate the types of financial crime risks
  • Describe the risk-based approach and its associated components
  • Explain how compliance roles work together to reduce risk
  • Identify the required risk management programs
Course structure:
  • Online AML compliance training
  • Self-paced (approximately 75 minutes)
  • Multiple-choice quiz (10 questions, 80% pass rate)
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AML General Awareness Course Content

Providing standardized anti-money laundering awareness training to all employees – regardless of role or location – ensures your workforce have a shared understanding of key anti-money laundering principles. The AML General Awareness Training course covers essential topics including:

  • Types of financial crime, including money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, bribery and corruption, tax, and sanctions evasion
  • Risks from financial crime, including types of risk and categories of risk
  • Applying a risk-based approach
  • The role of compliance and the three lines of defense
  • Risk-based escalation
  • Risk management programs, including KYC, transaction monitoring, name screening, sanctions screening
  • Ongoing AFC controls and organization-specific policies and procedures


Download our factsheet for full course content, and to understand how ACAMS can help improve your employees’ anti-money laundering awareness.

The Benefits of AML General Awareness Training
A consistent standard of training

Providing a standardized training program enables you to demonstrate that all employees have a consistent understanding of anti-financial crime basics.

Seamless implementation

AML General Awareness is a SCORM-format course, hosted on your organization’s learning management system. Enrollment is controlled by you.

Globally relevant

The content is principles based, so you can have all employees – regardless of their location – take the same course.


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