Enterprise-wide AML General Awareness Training

The ACAMS Anti-Money Laundering -General Awareness course equips employees with knowledge of the basic anti-money laundering (AML) principles. The online course covers important themes including sanctions, anti-bribery and corruption, fraud, and tax evasion. By completing the course, employees will gain an increased awareness of financial crimes risks and the controls needed to mitigate these risks in an organization.

The Benefits of AML General Awareness Training
Save time and money

One course for all employees, with adaptive technology that tailors course content to each individual’s understanding for more efficient learning  

Simple implementation

AML General Awareness is a SCORM-format course hosted on the customer organization learning management system. Enrollment and administration is wholly controlled by the customer organization within their own systems and processes.

Training made easy

The course is online and self-paced, with an approximate completion time of 75 minutes.

Global flexibility

Using neutral language that avoids local idioms, training can be implemented anywhere in the world 

Fully customizable

Content can be tailored to include your organization’s unique processes, procedures and documents 

Most mobile devices are compatible with ACAMS General Awareness training.

AML General Awareness Training Topics
  • Global Sanctions 
  • AML Programs 
  • Customer Due-Diligence
  • Assessing and Controlling Risk 
  • Recognizing and Reporting Unusual/Suspicious Activity 
  • Money Laundering Basics 

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