Due to ongoing safety concerns and travel restrictions related to COVID-19, which has also resulted in the temporary closure of many Pearson VUE testing centers globally, ACAMS now offers online proctoring for candidates taking their certification exams in all countries, with the exception of mainland China, Japan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic (Syria), and the Sevastapol/Crimea region of Ukraine.


Can I take the exam if I do not speak English?
Can I take my ACAMS exam with online proctoring?
How do I switch my exam delivery method?
Are online exams available to everyone?
What time are online exams available?
How do I schedule an online exam?
I am interested in taking an ACAMS exam but have not yet purchased or submitted an application. Will I be able to take an exam that is proctored online?
Can I run online proctoring on my corporate computer?
I have an authorization to take an ACAMS exam but have not yet scheduled one. How can I schedule an exam that is proctored online?
I have scheduled my ACAMS exam at a test center and that exam is still scheduled. Can I cancel that exam and schedule to take an exam that is proctored online?
I scheduled my ACAMS exam at a test center, but it was cancelled. Can I schedule to take an exam that is proctored online?
How should I set up my computer and testing area?
Can I have a mobile phone in the room with me?
When is the best time to start the exam? / What if I start the exam late?
How do I begin the exam?
Is a system check part of the check-in process on the exam day?
What identification will I need?
What is permitted on my desk during the exam?
What is not permitted to be used during the exam?
What if I need a calculator or scratch paper for the exam?
How long does the exam take?
Can I take a break during the exam?
What should I do if I have a technical issue during the Exam?

Copyright and Exam Non-Disclosure

All ACAMS exams are protected by copyright. Access to all exams, as further detailed below, is strictly conditioned upon agreement to abide by this copyright and to maintain examination confidentiality.

ACAMS assessments are confidential, in addition to being protected by federal copyright and trade secret laws. Candidates who undertake assessments agree that they will not copy, reproduce, adapt, disclose or transmit assessments, in whole or in part, before or after taking an assessment, by any means now known or hereafter invented. They further agree that they will not reconstruct assessment content from memory, by dictation, or by any other means or otherwise discuss assessment content with others. Candidates further acknowledge that disclosure or any other use of ACAMS assessment content constitutes professional misconduct and may expose them to criminal as well as civil liability, and may also result in ACAMS’ imposition of penalties against them, including but not limited to, invalidation of assessment results, exclusion from future assessments, suspension or revocation of ACAMS membership and other action as deemed appropriate by ACAMS.