New Jersey Chapter


    The New Jersey ACAMS Chapter was formed to provide the anti-money laundering /anti-terrorism financing (collectively AML) community in New Jersey with a local resource that provides support, guidance, training, and peer interaction for industry professionals.


    The New Jersey Chapter will actively support the goals of the international ACAMS association by being the premier AML organization in New Jersey.


    The Chapter will fulfill this mission by:


    • Providing high-quality meetings, workshops, and networking events where members and non-members can build knowledge, enhance skills, and share experiences and expertise.
    • Achieving recognition as an effective resource by promoting sound AML policies, procedures, effective practices, and international standards to the local community including AML professionals, academic institutions, government agencies, financial institutions, and law enforcement.
    • Building strong relationships with other professional organizations in the metropolitan New York/New Jersey region having similar money laundering prevention interests.
    • Responding to the needs of our members that arise from the diversity of AML responsibilities and the constantly changing money laundering methodologies.

    To join as a chapter member, you must have an active ACAMS membership.

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    Upcoming Events


    Upcoming New Jersey Chapter learning events will be announced soon.

    Past Events

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