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Invest in your Financial Crime Investigative Skills

Prove your existing investigation skills and build on your
ability to effectively communicate suspicious activity, with
the Advanced CAMS-Financial Crimes Investigations
(CAMS-FCI) Certification.


    In light of recent international sanctions, ACAMS and the company that administers its exams, Pearson VUE, have suspended examination services throughout Russia and Belarus until further notice.



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    Advanced CAMS-FCI is a leading certification for anti-financial crime (AFC) investigators. It equips professionals with the knowledge to conduct complex financial crimes investigations that involve multifaceted money laundering schemes and advanced typologies.

    A Global, Exam-Based Certification

    The Advanced CAMS-FCI training course teaches professionals how to successfully detect, investigate, and report suspicious transactions and communicate with law enforcement effectively. 

    Formerly an in-person course, Advanced CAMS-FCI is now a global exam-based certification. Candidates can prepare at a pace convenient to them and take the exam either virtually, via online proctoring, or in-person at selected test center locations.  

    Benefits of Advanced CAMS-FCI


    Completing the Advanced CAMS-FCI Certification enables professionals from financial institutions, governments, and law enforcement agencies to:

    Demonstrate efficiency and effectiveness when conducting a financial crime investigation
    Successfully communicate and share useful information
    Certify their advanced expertise, and reach new professional heights

    Who is Advanced CAMS-FCI for?

    This advanced-level anti-financial crime certification is designed primarily and specifically for those who perform and/or supervise financial crime investigations within regulated institutions, or wish to do so. It is appropriate for any professional who would benefit from advanced knowledge of financial crime investigations.


    Earning an advanced financial investigator certification will benefit those looking to cement their knowledge and take the next steps in their career.



    Applicable job titles include:

    • AML Officer or AML Risk Officer
    • Financial Crimes Investigator
    • Global Financial Crimes Investigator
    • AFC/AML Manager or Team Lead
    • Special Investigations Unit Investigator

    Advanced CAMS-FCI: Program Components

    The certification program covers the following topics:

    Candidates will also receive study materials to help them prepare with confidence for the exam.

    Practice Exam

    Developed to the same quality standard as the Advanced CAMS-FCI certification exam, the practice exam is included in your certification package as part of the study materials. It will provide you with the best chance of getting certified by:

    • Exposing you to samples of certification exam questions
    • Building confidence in readiness for the certification exam
    • Helping you study in an interactive e-learning environment
    • Covering the topic areas included in the actual exam

    Visit the FAQs section for more information.

    How to Get Certified

    To apply, candidates must have previously passed the CAMS exam, and have a recommended minimum of five years’ experience in financial crimes investigations or an investigations-related field.

    Check your eligibility

    You must have passed the CAMS exam and hold an active ACAMS membership to apply.


    Apply online to take the exam. Download the handbook for detailed information on the application process.

    Study, then schedule your exam

    You can choose self-study or enhanced learning paths. Take the exam when you’re ready.

    ACAMS offers online proctoring for all candidates taking their certification exams. For more information, visit the FAQ page.

    Advanced CAMS-FCI Exam Packages

    Please select your language to see the study materials available for your selected package.


    Standard Package
    Virtual Classroom Bundle
    Elektronischer Studienführer (PDF)
    Sechs zweistündige Live-Kurse online
    The Advanced CAMS-FCI Exam
    2.195 $
    2.595 $
    Öffentlicher Sektor
    1.695 $
    2.195 $
    Standard Package
    Elektronischer Studienführer (PDF)
    The Advanced CAMS-FCI Exam
    2.195 $
    Öffentlicher Sektor
    1.695 $
    Virtual Classroom Bundle
    Elektronischer Studienführer (PDF)
    Sechs zweistündige Live-Kurse online
    The Advanced CAMS-FCI Exam
    2.595 $
    Öffentlicher Sektor
    2.195 $
    If you have previously completed any of the following online certificate courses from ACAMS, please contact us for alternative Advanced CAMS-FCI exam packages: 
    • Financial Crime Typologies - Intermediate 
    • Investigations
    • SAR/STR Writing

    Optional Upgrades

    Advanced CAMS-FCI Virtual Classroom Series
    595,00 $

    A live online training course, providing candidates with additional support to help retain and reinforce key concepts covered in the Advanced CAMS-FCI study guide.

    Virtual Classroom Schedule

    The Advanced CAMS-FCI Virtual Classroom series is a live, web-based study course, with two-hour virtual classes every week over a six-week period. It provides candidates with additional guided instructions to help them retain the key concepts covered in the main exam study guide.

    Jul 8 - Aug 12, 2024, US 6 PM ET - English
    Oct 31 - Dec 5, 2024, APAC EMEA 6 PM HKT/10 AM GMT - English
    Nov 5 - Dec 10, 2024, US 12 PM ET - English

    Disability Service Accommodations:

    ACAMS is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for individuals with documented disabilities as defined by local, applicable law. Our intent is to ensure that everyone who makes a request for accommodations is advised of the accommodation process as promptly as possible. If you have a disability as defined under local, applicable law, please contact the Accommodation Coordinator for a request form and information.




    The first step in the accommodation process is to contact our Disability Services.


    Disability Services Accommodation Coordinator

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    When completing the form, add your application number (e.g., CAMS099887766), and submit it to to ensure ACAMS properly receives your accommodation request. The Accommodation Coordinator will contact you with further information.


    The Accommodation Coordinator will evaluate your request and supporting documentation and request or obtain any additional input, including supporting documentation as appropriate to determine whether your request can reasonably be granted. If your request is granted, the Accommodation Coordinator will work with you to implement the request. If your request is denied or deemed unreasonable, the Accommodation Coordinator will engage in a dialog with you to explore any alternative reasonable accommodation options, if appropriate.


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    Requests are reviewed on an individual and rolling basis. Please note, the time for approval could potentially affect the time frame for testing with approved accommodation.


    If you have a complaint, please contact If you believe you have been discriminated against due to a disability you should contact to address the immediate situation. You will be contacted by the Certification Manager. 


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