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Reporting Suspicious Activity

Course format: self-paced online

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    Course Content

    This Reporting Suspicious Activity Certificate course has been written by global subject matter experts, pulling examples from many countries and contexts. The course covers your regulatory duty to report, including FATF’s recommendation 20, requiring financial institutions to report suspicious transactions. It also covers US regulations and the EU Directive on AML suspicious activity reporting.


    The course is designed to give participants a practical understanding of the suspicious activity report process, with case examples that demonstrate how to build a CTF or AML SAR report. You’ll learn how to write a SAR narrative with your key audiences in mind, and how law enforcement investigators and regulators read SARs.



    Learning points:

    • Your obligations and the processes for reporting suspicious activity
    • The purpose of SARs, who reads them, and when to file them
    • How to navigate data sharing and reporting suspicious activity across jurisdictions
    • The steps you need to take to file a SAR and how to manage an account after filing
    • How to write an effective SAR narrative using best practices


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    Intended audience:

    Suspicious activity report training is relevant for professionals working in compliance roles, and specifically those responsible for investigating suspicious activity and filing SARs. This certificate has been designed to be suitable for those with a basic level of financial crime prevention knowledge, as well as more experienced professionals.  The intended audience for this certificate includes:

    • Frontline compliance staff responsible for suspicious activity reporting
    • Professionals looking for a refresher training course on SARs
    • Those looking to progress to our CAMS-FCI qualification
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    Course structure:

    • Four-week online course
    • Complete at your own pace
    • Available on desktop or mobile (and most other devices)
    • Pass a short final assessment to receive your Reporting Suspicious Activity Certificate
    • Results available immediately

    Next Steps

    Our Reporting Suspicious Activity Certificate is a great stepping stone to achieving an ACAMS Certification. On completing this  suspicious activity report training, you’ll earn four ACAMS credits which can be used as eligibility credits for any of our certifications.

    The Reporting Suspicious Activity Certificate also forms part of our Advanced CAMS-Financial Crime Investigations program. Advanced CAMS-FCI is an exam-based certification program for those who perform and/or supervise financial crime investigations within regulated institutions. Find out more about becoming Advanced-CAMS certified here.

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