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Leading Complex Investigations

Course format: self-paced online

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    Course Content

    The Leading Complex Investigations Certificate has been developed by global subject matter experts, pulling examples from many countries and contexts. The course explains what makes a good investigator and how to put an investigative mindset into action.


    The investigation process is explained step-by-step, giving you the confidence to action each stage of investigating a financial crime, including complex AML investigations. You’ll build an understanding of how to find and analyze relevant information, and how to create effective investigation reports to present your findings.



    You will learn how to:

    • Plan your investigations and conduct research
    • Identify informational gaps and use diverse research techniques to fill them
    • Use investigation tools and techniques to filter, analyze, and organize information linked to complex cases
    • Collaborate with law enforcement and regulators on investigations
    • Prepare, present, and document your investigative conclusions


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    Intended audience:

    Financial crimes investigation training is suitable for a broad range of compliance professionals, and this certificate has been designed for both those with a basic level of investigations knowledge and more experienced professionals. Graduates of this course will be able to conduct and lead others in an investigation, and will be better qualified to advance into senior roles. The audience for this certificate includes:

    • Frontline compliance staff responsible for money laundering investigation or any other type of financial crime investigation
    • Professionals looking to enhance or refresh their knowledge of financial crime investigations
    • Those looking to progress to our CAMS-FCI qualification
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    Course structure:

    • Online, self-paced course
    • Four weeks to complete
    • Available on desktop or mobile (and most other devices)
    • Pass a 20 question final assessment to receive your Leading Complex Investigations Certificate
    • Results available immediately

    Next Steps

    Our Leading Complex Investigations Certificate is a great stepping stone to achieving an ACAMS Certification. On completing this course, you’ll earn four ACAMS credits which can be used as eligibility credits for any of our certifications.

    The Leading Complex Investigations Certificate also forms part of our Advanced CAMS-Financial Crime Investigations program. Advanced CAMS-FCI is an exam-based certification program for those who perform and/or supervise financial crime investigations within regulated institutions. Find out more about becoming Advanced-CAMS certified here.

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