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Earn Your Advanced IBF Certification with ACAMS

Attain an IBF Advanced (Level 2) Certification when you complete three selected ACAMS certifications. Cover up to 70% of your ACAMS training costs through IBF-STS funding.

Further your career in Singapore’s ever-evolving anti-financial crime (AFC) sector by achieving IBF Advanced (Level 2) Certification – a mark of professional excellence.

The Path to IBF Advanced (Level 2) Certification

An Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) Certification is an industry-endorsed mark of quality for finance professionals in Singapore.


To attain the IBF Advanced (Level 2) Certification, industry professionals must be in a compliance role at a financial institution, have at least three years of anti-money laundering/counter-terrorist financing (AML/CFT) experience, and complete and pass the following three ACAMS certifications:



The IBF offers funding for approved training and assessment courses through the IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS). Funding can cover up to 70%* of training costs for Singapore citizens or permanent residents. In order to apply for IBF-STS funding, applicants must complete and pass one of the above three certifications.


The process of submitting a funding application is different depending on whether you are company-sponsored or non-company sponsored.


  • For company-sponsored candidates: the candidate’s company is responsible for claims submissions via their company’s login access on the IBF portal.
  • For non-company-sponsored candidates: candidates need to submit the funding application form and copy of their national registration identity card (NRIC) to ACAMS within one week of passing any of the three exams mentioned above. ACAMS will then submit the claims on behalf of candidates.


Further information on IBF-STS funding can be found here.


In order to apply for the IBF-STS Funding, you must comply with the ACAMS Terms & Conditions at

Benefits of ACAMS Certifications for Organizations:



Build and retain a team of AFC specialists

Safeguard your institution against financial and reputational damage

Meet mandated employee AML training requirements

Benefits of ACAMS Certifications for Professionals:



Upskill and stay ahead of evolving financial crime trends

Validate your knowledge and experience with a globally recognized certification

Build a career path to success

IBF Certification FAQs

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What is IBF Certification?
What do I need to apply for the IBF Advanced (Level 2) Certification?

Find out more about the ACAMS certifications that are eligible for IBF-STS funding.

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