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Correspondent Banking

Course format: self-paced online

    Understanding Correspondent Banking AML Risks

    Correspondent banks act as intermediaries, facilitating transfers and transactions on behalf of other banks, which are often located in other countries. Although correspondent banking facilitates wider inclusion in the global financial system, it can pose risks, as financial transactions are carried out on behalf of external customers. Anti-money laundering (AML) processes and reporting can also be difficult, with information being shared across borders and complicated transaction architectures making it difficult to monitor payments.


    The ACAMS Correspondent Banking Certificate will enable professionals to understand the risks they should be aware of and their associated red flags, AML reporting requirements, and the penalties for non-compliance.

    Correspondent Banking: Course Overview

    This course has been written by global subject matter experts and uses examples from many countries and contexts. It covers the fundamentals of this important topic, answering: what is correspondent banking and how does it work? The course content is broken into a bite-size learning path and considers both the offering and purchasing of correspondent banking services.


    The course also answers the question why is correspondent banking high risk? Content explores the architecture of correspondent banking, and the causes of risk across customer, industry, and product types.


    Correspondent Banking Certificate learning objectives:

    • Describe the purpose of correspondent banking
    • Understand the correspondent banking architecture
    • Examine correspondent banking risks and controls
    • Understand recent developments in the correspondent banking arena
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    Intended audience:

    The primary audience for this course is front line analysts working in financial institutions. Participants may be learning about correspondent banking AML risk for the first time or looking to build on existing knowledge. The intended audience for this certificate includes:

    • Compliance professionals responsible for correspondent banking transaction monitoring and customer due diligence
    • Front line professionals working in institutions that provide or purchase correspondent banking services
    • Board members of institutions that provide or purchase correspondent banking services
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    Course structure:

    • Online course, available on desktop or mobile (and most other devices)
    • Complete the four hours of coursework at your own pace
    • Pass a short, 20-question final assessment to receive your Correspondent Banking Certificate
    • Results available immediately


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