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ACAMS Risk Assessment

A standardized solution to assess money laundering risk.

    ACAMS Risk Assessment provides institutions worldwide an automated means of measuring, understanding and explaining their money laundering risks.


    Designed by leading AML subject matter experts and updated regularly, ACAMS Risk Assessment’s methodology provides exclusive insight into current and new AML guidance and regulations.


    By standardizing and automating historically cumbersome processes such as scoring, annual reporting and internal control development, ACAMS Risk Assessment increases both your efficiency and control.


    Confidence through Standardization

    Objective and consistent responses to regulatory guidance and requirements worldwide, paving the way for future AML risk assessment standards.

    Efficiency through Automation

    Multi-user platform helps identify money laundering risk within and across lines of business, and assists in mitigating risk by filling the gaps in AML controls.

    Transparency in Communicating Your Money Laundering Risks

    Presentation-ready reports, summaries and scoring deliver a comprehensive money laundering risk profile to examiners, board members, and other institution stake-holders.

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