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AML Foundations for FinTech

Course Format: Self-Paced Online

    With AML Foundations for FinTech, you will learn:

    • Financial crime key words and definitions

    • The basics of financial crime

    • The types of financial crime risks faced by FinTechs

    • How compliance roles work together to reduce risk

    • About different risk management programs

    • What an effective due diligence process looks like

    • The process for identifying, then reporting suspicious activity


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    Intended audience

    AML Foundations for FinTech is a foundation level AML compliance certificate for FinTech employees, and for those looking to move into a FinTech compliance role. This includes:

    • FinTech employees in hybrid roles that include AML tasks

    • Professionals interested in a career in FinTech AML compliance

    • Professionals looking to progress to our AML Intermediate for FinTech Certificate

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    AML Foundations for FinTech course structure:

    • Four hours of online learning

    • Course available on desktop or mobile (and most other devices)

    • Complete at your own pace

    • Pass a short assessment to receive the AML Foundations for FinTech certificate

    • Results available immediately

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    The AML Foundations for FinTech course content has been developed in partnership with FINTRAIL. FINTRAIL is a specialist FinTech and RegTech consultancy, supporting a global portfolio of rapidly scaling and established FinTech companies, and advising leading RegTech firms.