Southern California Chapter


    The SoCal Chapter was formed to provide the anti-financial crime (AFC) community with a professional resource that can provide support, guidance, training, and peer interaction across industry lines in both the public and private sectors. Our goal is to raise awareness and further educate and identify the issues that are specific to our region. 


    In addition to the ACAMS chapter webpage, you can also find us on LinkedIn. Feel free to send any questions, comments, or suggestions to


    To join as a chapter member, you must have an active ACAMS membership.


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    SoCal Executive Board Members:

    SoCal Board 2024

    Annual Holiday Law Enforcement Networking Event:
    From left to right: Bryan Tinoco, Patty Rodriguez, Jim Dowling, Nancy Nip Rouguine, Liz Slim, Star Del Castillo, Mia Lee, Hoi Luk



    SoCal Executive Board Members

    7th Annual AML Symposium Event:

    From left to right: Edward Gerovian, Nancy Schicker, Jim Dowling, Patty Rodriguez, Hoi Luk, Bryan Tinoco, Mia Lee, Nancy Nip Rouguine, and Alissa Mojica.


    Upcoming Events

    Upcoming South California learning events will be announced soon.

    Past Events

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