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    ACAMS Poland Chapter is an extension of ACAMS, the world’s largest membership association of certified experts in anti-money laundering (AML) and financial crime professionals, dedicated to enhancing knowledge, skills and awareness, and fostering international collaboration in support of strengthening effective compliance in financial institutions and a wide range of public and private sector organisations.


    The Chapter’s mission will be delivered by:


    • Providing a forum for subject matter experts in the field from Polish and international institutions operating in the space of AML and Financial Crimes Compliance
    • Sharing knowledge and developing best practice to further effective AML and financial crime detection, prevention and compliance
    • Supporting dialog with state and European regulators and law enforcement agencies to successfully develop a solid foundation for AML, CTF and financial crime compliance
    • Encouraging social awareness and education in the field of AML and Financial Crimes Compliance
    • The ACAMS Poland Chapter will hold regular updates and networking events with an AML focus and would welcome enquiries from potential speakers, trainers and sponsors.

    Chapter Events

    ACAMS Poland Chapter & Accuity Webinar: Law Enforcement and Business Perspective on COVID-19 Financial Crimes Threats

    JUNE 24, 2020


    On 24th June ACAMS Poland Chapter organized its first digital conference devoted to Law Enforcement and Business Perspective on COVID-19 Financial Crime Threats.


    Almost 300 participants joined the webinar and discussion moderated by Anna Butrym (professional host and TV presenter). The event was sponsored by Accuity.


    The first key-note speaker – Mr. James J. Balsamo, Country Attaché Homeland Security Investigations, presented the audience new type of trade fraud related to COVID – 19 This type of crime is committed by organizations and individuals who seek to exploit and profit from the pandemic. Presentation included also details of Homeland Security Investigations (HIS) programme called “Operation Stolen Promise” which aims to disrupt and dismantle criminal activity and strengthen global supply- chain security.


    The second key- note speaker Ms. Aneta Klosek, Director, Strategic Components of Growth at Accuity went through the topic of impact, challenges and future for financial crime compliance in Trade Finance. Presentation included inter alia statistics on impact of COVID – 19 on sanctions in 2020; comparison of penalties between corporate entities and banks, technological solutions for corporate compliance.


    Discussion panel was focused on the COVID - related risks for AML/ CFT, red flags connected to trade fraud and methods of prevention.


    The aim of the webinar was to enhance knowledge about COVID- 19 types of trade fraud, address challenges for Financial Crime Compliance during the pandemic and find resolutions in building effective preventive systems

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