Candidates who wish to take the CGSS Examination must have a minimum of 40 qualifying credits based on education, other professional certification, and/or professional experience in the sanctions or financial crime compliance field, in addition to providing 3 references. The following table represents the ACAMS credit award system for examination eligibility.

  Amount Credits


Select highest level of education1
Associates Degree
Bachelor’s Degree
Master’s Degree

Supporting documentation must accompany information submitted.2


Each year of full-time experience in sanctions compliance or related financial crime compliance duties. Please note that although professional experience is not required to take the exam, ACAMS recommends at least two (2) years of work experience in addition to any educational or training knowledge.


CAMS Certification
Other Professional Certifications (Financial Related) — (CPA, CPP, CRCM, CFE, CPE, CIA, CA/AML, FINRA Series3, etc.)
Any certification program must include a minimum of eight (8) hours of instruction and a certification exam.
Supporting documentation must accompany information submitted including proof of valid membership in good standing.2
Attendance at a course/seminar/webinar/conference/educational and or training session on the topic of sanctions compliance, financial crime prevention and/or related subjects – (Includes internal and external training, training by a government agency, accredited institution of higher education, etc.)
Supporting documentation must accompany information submitted such as a copy of the certificate, attendance, or receipt of payment from entity conducting training).2


1 Only one degree may be used toward the 40 qualifying credits for the CGSS examination.

2 Supporting documentation (if necessary accompanied by a translation in English) must accompany information submitted to meet minimum credit criteria in order to sit for the CGSS Examination (i.e., copies of degree, certificates of completion). Please submit all required documentation with your completed application and fee.

Please note, these credits are in recognition of the AML/Financial Fraud portion of the FINRA certification training. As such, you can only earn a maximum of 10 credits regardless of the number of FINRA licenses you possess.