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Course format: self-paced online

    Sanctions Frameworks and Governance Course Content

    This intermediate-level course will provide professionals with an in-depth understanding of the various types of sanctions, the authorities imposing them, their objectives, licensing nuances, and the ramifications of non-compliance, all within a global context.



    This course will help you understand:

    • What sanctions are and why they are imposed
    • Active sanctions regimes
    • The jurisdictional reach of sanctions
    • Different types of sanctions
    • License types and the scope of permitted activities
    • The consequences of non-compliance with sanctions
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    Intended audience

    This certificate course is suitable for intermediate-level professionals working in sanctions or anti-financial crime (AFC) compliance. Applicable areas of expertise include:

    • AML/CTF 
    • Compliance technology
    • Economic sanctions
    • Embargoes
    • Financial sanctions
    • Global trade, import/export
    • Legal counsel
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Risk management
    • Sanctions compliance
    • Sanctions screening

    Graduates of this course will be one step closer to our specialist-level CGSS Certification.

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    Course structure

    • Online and self-paced
    • Five hours of coursework
    • Four weeks to complete
    • 20-question final assessment
    • Results available immediately