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The CAMS Scholarship - Japan

This new CAMS Scholarship initiative aims
to empower talented AFC professionals throughout Japan.

    Thank you to everyone who applied for the CAMS Scholarship.

    Applications are now closed.


    We are now in the final stages of the selection process. We will announce the results in early December. 
    All successful candidates will be notified prior to our announcement.


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    CAMS Scholarship Candidate Selection Panel

    Makoto (Tabo) Tagaya
    Makoto (Tabo) Tagaya, CAMS-Audit, CAMS-FCI, CAMS-RM, CGSS, CCAS

    Senior Auditor, Internal Audit Dept, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation 

    Tabo has been leading corporate governance and risk management relating internal audit responsibility at SMBC. Tokyo since June 2014. Prior to the assignment. Tabo was president of SMBC Nikko Securities America. Inc, a broker dealer in the U.S. 

    Toru Sakamuro
    Toru Sakamuro, CAMS-Audit

    Head of Compliance / AML Officer, CTBC Bank Co., Ltd. Tokyo Branch

    Toru is the Head of Compliance / AML Officer at CTBC Bank Tokyo Branch since March 2022. Prior to working at CTBC Bank, Toru worked for Mitsubishi UFJ Bank for 35 years in various roles. After 20 years of experience in the international finance division of the bank, mainly in project finance fields, he was actively engaged in risk control and risk management from the management viewpoint for 15 years, especially focusing on AML/CFT compliance areas. Toru introduced KYC to all foreign units of the bank (except for the units in the US) and TMS to Asian units while he was in the position at International Compliance Division. After that, he had been working as a Chief Auditor at the Internal Audit Division of the bank, as an AML/CFT professional, particularly for AML/CFT Audits on overseas branches and subsidiaries for 8 years until he moved to Resona Bank as Advisor in 2019. He is also a Certified CAMS Instructor.

    Hitomi Okada
    Hitomi Okada, CAMS

    AML R&C Manager, Merpay, Inc.

    After joining Japan Financial Services Agency in 2014, she was in charge of: AML/CFT monitoring of financial institutions including foreign G-SIBs' branches in Japan and cryptoasset exchange service providers; revision of red flag indicators of suspicious activities; and response to FATF's fourth round mutual evaluation of Japan (mainly in relation to cryptoasset exchange service providers). She joined Mercari (seconded to Merpay) in March 2021. She was appointed as Mercoin's AML&AFC Team Manager in July 2021 and Merpay's AML R&C Team Manager in January 2023.

    Taro Fukumoto
    Taro Fukumoto, CAMS, CGSS

    Country Senior Manager, Business Development, ACAMS Japan

    Taro has joined the U.S.-based Association of Certified Anti-MoneyLaundering Specialists (ACAMS) in 2019. He is responsible for providing support and information to ACAMS members in Japan, including planning webinars and annual conferences on practices or laws and regulations of anti-financial crime, as well as organizing and managing various other activities. He has assumed his current position since July 2020.

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