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    In recent years, anti-money laundering has been attached with great importance by countries from all over the world, which spurs financial institutions to actively assume their social responsibility and to implement the anti-money laundering policies and the anti-terrorism financing policies. The financial institutions in Macau have established an anti-money laundering team with strong professional capability, which could not only guarantee the implementation of the Macau SAR Government’s policy of developing the financial sector with its own characteristics, but also ensure full compliance with the anti-money laundering regulations for the risk management. By the end of this March, there are more than 500 certified anti-money laundering specialists in Macau, who are serving in the local financial sectors, including banks, insurance companies, large gaming companies, consulting firms, higher education institutions, media agencies, and pawn business etc. Due tothe relevance of financial services, there is a great need for organizing anti-money laundering practitioners scattered in all walks of life in Macau to strengthen their cross-sectorial exchanges.


    The Macau Anti-Money Laundering Specialists Association (MAMLSA), with the support of ACAMS, was established with the support of relevant professionals of local banking sectors and the other players of the local industry. On April 20th 2017, the General Assembly of Members, the Board of Directors, and the Board of Supervisors of the First session were elected by over 400 members so far.


    As a non-profit organization that aims to promote the international influence, to enhance the forward-looking and professional level of anti-money laundering, as well as the anti-terrorism financing research in Macau, our association is devoting ourselves to aligning the local anti-money laundering with international standards and establishing a risk management system that is suitable for Macau’s financial status. At the same time, we hope that our association could unite anti-money laundering practitioners in Macau, to carry out inter-agency and cross-cutting exchange, education and training, so as to improve and enhance the comprehensive professional level of its members, and to build a platform for anti-money laundering communication and knowledge sharing.


    Presidents Address:

    As the socio-political and economy in today’s world has become more complex, governments and regulators of various nations are increasing focused on anti-money laundering activities. Macau is often reported by the western governments and social media as a high-risk anti-money laundering region. This is purely accused on tourism and gaming as Macau’s major industries structure.

    We appreciate the Macau S.A.R. Government’s for developing and enhancing the anti-money laundering legislation, and also the efforts from various parties in the financial community over the recent years. There has been significant improvement in Macau’s image and performance in anti-money laundering.


    The principles of establishing our association are as follow:


    • To promote Macau anti-money laundering and terrorism financing professional standards in line with international norms, and to develop stabilize economic growth of Macau;
    • To organize exchange and co-operation between members and the government, professional institutes or associations from different industry organizations, to provide professional advice during the initial proposal for the legislation;
    • To unite Macau’s anti-money laundering officers, setup professional education training and create knowledge platforms;
    • To strengthen exchange and study with academic groups at home and abroad, to improve Macau’s image in anti-money laundering.


    I will lead the 400+ members to follow our association’s articles, stick to our patriot and our city Macau, continuous learning and improve the anti-money laundering professional standards to achieve the stability of Macau’s economy, finance and enhance its image in anti-money laundering.


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