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    Australasian Chapter received the ACAMS Chapter of the Year Award –2018. This is significant for a number of reasons –one of which is that this is the first time the ACAMS Chapter of the Year has been awarded to a chapter outside of North America. Aub Chapman, Co-Chair accepted the award as part of a wider awards ceremony during the ACAMS conference in Las Vegas in October 2018. It was very pleasing that Kylie Oliver (Australasian Chapter board member and one of the two finalists in ACAMS Professional of the Year Award) and two chapter members from New Zealand were also in attendance at the Las Vegas conference.


    There are a number of criteria that the ACAMS management team looks at when deciding ACAMS Chapter of the year, and quite some thought and discussion go into it before a deserving winner is announced. Below are some of the key decision points (there are others):

    • Positive impact on local financial crime community
    • Diversity of membership
    • The quality and frequency of chapter events
    • Board are active and engaged members of ACAMS
    • Aligned with ACAMS strategy and goals
    • Proactive and passionate
    • Awareness in the market place (large new growth of ACAMS members, driven in large part to Chapter activity)


    ACAMS management team also took into account the fact that ACAMS is less known in our region, and the extra work and outreach that is required to spread the message. The award reflected our efforts over a number of years to support and promote ACAMS –not just in the last 12 months. This reflects well not only on the current chapter board members but also on a number of those who were board members over the past few years.


    The ACAMS Australasian Chapter was formally established in late 2007 with the main objective being to support ACAMS in its mission to advance the professional knowledge, skills and experience of those dedicated to the prevention and detection of money laundering. A second and equally important objective is to provide local AML professionals with a support network of like-minded persons and to deliver member events throughout the region. The Chapter will assist ACAMS with the development of a CAMS elective sub-certification examination module that tests knowledge and understanding of Australia’s and New Zealand’s Anti-Money Laundering legislative regimes.

    The Chapter covers the Australasian region which includes:

    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • Papua New Guinea
    • Pacific Islands



    In 2013 the Australasian Chapter Board of ACAMS resolved to implement a moratorium on chapter membership fees. The effect of this decision is to automatically extend chapter membership to all members of ACAMS who reside in the Australasian region.


    What this means is that you will be automatically granted Australasian chapter membership when you join or renew your ACAMS membership at no extra cost. Membership to the chapter will be synchronised for the same timeframe as your ACAMS membership. For additional information on this initiative, or if you are missing your Australasian Chapter membership please contact


    For any other enquiries in relation to ACAMS membership or Chapter membership, please contact Rodney Willis



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    Upcoming Australasian Chapter learning events will be announced soon.


    Past Events

    Working Group Members


    Paula Milne (ANZ)

    Gareth Pindred, CAMS (KPMG)



    Ellen Szeto, CAMS (ANZ)

    Kylie Oliver, CAMS (ANZ)

    Manmohan Toshniwal, CAMS (ANZ)



    Calling for Expression of Interest. Email



    Sophia Foo, CAMS (Rodger Reidy)

    Mirza Baig, CAMS (Rabobank)

    Marites Guillamun (Deutsche Bank)

    Geraldine Mangrai (Macquarie)

    Vivian Tan, CAMS (Rodger Reidy)


    Geoff Brown, CAMS (FMA)

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