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Associate-Level Recertification

Every year, ACAMS certified associates need to recertify. Keep your designation by showing your commitment to financial crime prevention.

    When you started your certification journey, you committed yourself to professional growth and took the next step in your career. Continue that commitment and maintain your ACAMS designation – recertify today.

    Make Recertification Your Next Step


    Professionals from our financial crime prevention community need up-to-date expertise to stay one step ahead of financial criminals. By recertifying, certified associates show evidence of their continuing professional development.


    ACAMS holds records of every certified member, so employers can confirm the credentials of future employees.


    By recertifying every year, you retain your certification and everything that comes with it. That includes:


    Your designation

    An associate-level designation exemplifies your expertise and opens professional doors. If you chose not to recertify, you can no longer use the CKYCA, CTMA, or CAFCA designation after your name.

    Your community

    Being a certified associate connects you with fellow graduates across the world. Stay part of a community of professionals just like you – united in the fight against financial crime.

    Your opportunity for growth

    When you recertify, you continue your commitment to learning. Make sure your knowledge is up-to-date with the ever-evolving world of anti-financial crime – don’t get left behind.

    The Recertification Process


    There is no recertification fee for associate-level certifications. You don’t need to fill out a recertification application form, all you need to do is:


    Maintain an active ACAMS membership

    Earn two recertification credits with ACAMS


    You can earn recertification credits through training provided by ACAMS. This includes attending ACAMS webinars and events, or completing ACAMS certificate courses.


    Your recertification deadline is one year from the date you completed your associate-level certification.


    Once you renew your membership and earn two recertification credits, you won’t have to take any further action. We’ll send you a confirmation of your recertification within five working days.


    If you hold more than one associate-level certification, you must meet the recertification requirements for each of them.



    Any questions?

    For full details of the associate-level recertification process, download your certification’s candidate handbook. If you have any questions or need further assistance with your recertification application, please contact us.

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