AML in Practice: A Tutorial for Law Enforcement on How Banks Fight Financial Crime

四月 22, 2021
12:00PM - 1:00PM BST
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Designed specifically for law enforcement, we will provide insights into what fighting financial crime means in practice in the financial services industry. We will walk through the typical set up of AML teams in financial institutions and how they engage internally and externally with law enforcement. In this dynamic session we will work through the key controls that banks implement at various stages of the customer journey and how a risk-based approach is applied in practice. We intend to provide a deeper view of the role the financial institutions play in the anti-financial crime world and how suspicious activity is identified and reported.

Learning Objectives

Reviewing the three lines of defense and their roles within financial institutions and external partners including law enforcement

Analysing how a risk-based approach and other controls impact AML/AFC oversight in areas such as client onboarding, ongoing monitoring and customer lifecycle management

Understanding how banks engage with law enforcement through external reporting and how they deal with a law enforcement request

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Who Should Attend?

Law Enforcement


Financial Institutions, Europe