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Enhancing Financial
Inclusion With a
Risk-Based Approach

Course format: self-paced online

    This course will help you:

    • Understand the negative impact that financial exclusion has on society and the global fight against financial crime
    • Implement international recommendations on extending financial access to underserved communities with a risk-based approach to AFC compliance
    • Establish a financial inclusion strategy within your risk management framework
    • Explain your risk-based decisions to financial supervisors
    • Engage with FATF’s mutual evaluation process to drive public-private partnerships aimed at supporting excluded populations
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    Enhancing Financial Inclusion with a Risk-Based Approach
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    Who is this financial inclusion certificate course for?

    • Financial crime analysts and anti-money laundering professionals at all levels
    • Compliance officers who work in financial institutions and FinTechs
    • Criminal investigators
    • Open-source intelligence analysts
    • ESG analysts and directors
    • Sustainability professionals
    • Civil society organizations engaged in fighting financial exclusion
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    Course structure:

    • Online and self-paced
    • Two hours of coursework
    • 10-question final assessment
    • Results available immediately


    What is financial inclusion?
    Is there FATF financial inclusion guidance?
    Is this course relevant for someone who works in the FinTech industry?
    Is this course offered in languages other than English?
    Are there any additional resources to learn about financial inclusion?