Enterprise Risk Management Institute (ERMI)

Enterprise Risk Management Institute t/a ERM Africa, located at the University of Ghana is a professional training institute registered under the laws of Ghana to promote and facilitate training in risk management and other allied subject areas. As leader in risk and compliance training and consulting in Africa for over 10 years, ERMI offers nationally accredited professional specialist certificate programmes. Highly experienced Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) professionals teach these programmes with diverse backgrounds including forensic & Cyber Security Risk Management; Enterprise Risk Management, Financial Investigation, Corporate Governance, Environment & Social Risk management, Agribusiness Risk Management and Public Private Partnership Risk Management.

ERMI partners Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (ACAMS) for the provision of CAMS training programmes in Ghana. ERMI works with ACAMS as its Educational Partner to train and certify financial executives and government officials.

Registered candidates for CAMS preparatory course organized by ERMI receives one year professional membership with ACAMS, one electronic edition of CAMS Examination study Guide and CAMS examination voucher to register individually for the CAMS computer based examinations at a designated Centre in Accra.

Registered applicants also receive ACAMS a certificate of completion for the CAMS preparation seminar and Specialist Certificate in Anti Money Laundering & Financial Crime after completion of 40-hour ERM Africa’s CAMS preparatory course. Courses are facilitated by CAMS professionals and Dr. Jonathan Welbeck, a professor in Anti-Money Laundering & Enterprise Risk Management.

ERMI houses the AML Community Forum. Join the Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Professionals Forum today.

Google Address/ Digital Address: GA-490-9760.

Mob: +233244367548