Ending Illegal Wildlife Trade

Ending Illegal Wildlife Trade - A Comprehensive Overview

Course Format: Self-Paced Online

    Learning Points

    • Understand the illegal wildlife trade and its consequences.
    • Understand the financial elements of how wildlife crime manifests.
    • Identifying organizational risks and exposure to the Illegal Wildlife Trade.
    • Examine existing typologies and red flags along with global case studies.
    • Report suspicious activity associated with the trade.
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    Ending Illegal Wildlife Trade – A Comprehensive Overview Certificate
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    Developing a response to address illegal financial flows associated with illegal wildlife trade.


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    Intended Audience

    • Compliance professionals
    • Risk Managers
    • Technology Officers
    • Industry Consultants
    • NGOs
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    Course Structure

    • Self-paced online certificate (90 days to complete)
    • Available on desktop or mobile (and most other devices)
    • Content split into four sections, complete these at your own pace
    • Pass a short assessment and you will receive the Ending Illegal Wildlife Trade Certificate
    • Your results are available immediately