Sri Lanka: Developing an Effective AML / CFT Programme for Financial Institutions

1 ACAMS Credit


Sri Lanka and its financial institutions are committed to stop money laundering and the financing of terrorism. In particular, financial institutions do not want to facilitate the laundering of illicit proceeds of drug trafficking through their customers’ accounts. In this webinar, risk and compliance professionals will learn how to build an effective anti-money laundering and counter-financing of terrorism (AML/ CFT) programme so that they can detect, investigate and report unusual or suspicious transactions and / or account activity.


Join this interactive session where our speakers will share practical insights on how to effectively deploy the foundational blocks of customer due diligence, transaction monitoring and screening and how these can be adapted to meet the new emerging risk from digital banking. In this world of increasing digitalization, financial institutions will need effective controls to manage money laundering / financing of terrorism risk, as well as the risk of online frauds.


Learning Objectives

How to Develop Effective AML / CFT Controls and Processes for Financial Institutions

How to Strengthen Financial Institutions’ Existing AML / CFT Framework

How to Adapt Financial Institutions’ Existing AML / CFT Framework to Manage the Risk of Online Fraud as Financial Institutions Embark on Increase Digitalization

Who Should Attend?

AML Professionals, Compliance Managers, Risk Managers, Auditors, Legal Advisors, Board of Directors

Region / Industry

APAC, South Asia, Sri Lanka, Financial Institutions, Insurance Firms