FinTechs as Your Customers

Course Format: Live Online

    Learning Points

    • How to identify if a customer is a FinTech or not
    • The types of KYC/CDD processes used by FinTechs
    • How FinTech governance can differ from conventional financial institutions
    • Unique factors that may make FinTechs vulnerable to financial crime
    • How to onboard new FinTech customers, and effectively monitor existing ones

    Who Is This Suitable For?

    The course has been developed for compliance professionals in conventional financial institutions who have FinTechs as customers, including:

    • Banks
    • Insurance companies
    • Investment companies
    • Trust and corporate services providers
    • Money service businesses
    • Consultants
    • Regulators
    • Financial institution intelligence/investigation teams
    • KYC/CDD/Customer Risk Assessment outsourcing providers
    • Law enforcement
    • Oversight/audit/assurance teams

    Course Structure

    • Four-week online certificate
    • Available on desktop or mobile (and most other devices)
    • Two 90-minute interactive live virtual classrooms
    • Pass a 30-minute online assessment and you will receive the FinTechs as Your Customers Certificate
    • Your results are available immediately
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