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CAMS Recertification

Every three years, CAMS professionals recertify. Keep your CAMS designation by recertifying today.

    When you started your CAMS certification journey, you took the next step in your career. You committed yourself to professional growth. You joined a community dedicated to fighting financial crime.
    Now it’s time for you to decide what’s next.

    Make Recertification Your Next Step

    AML doesn’t stay still, and neither do our CAMS professionals. That’s why every three years, CAMS graduates need to recertify. The CAMS recertification process ensures that all certified professionals continue their commitment to development.


    ACAMS holds records of every certified member, so employers can confirm the credentials of future employees.


    By recertifying every three years, you retain your CAMS certification and everything that comes with it. That includes:


    Your designation

    Having the CAMS letters after your name exemplifies your expertise and opens professional doors. If you chose not to recertify, you can no longer use the CAMS designation.

    Your community

    Being CAMS certified connects you with fellow graduates across the world. Stay part of a community of professionals just like you - united in the fight against financial crime.

    Your opportunity for growth

    When you recertify, you continue your commitment to learning. Make sure your knowledge is up-to-date with the ever-evolving world of AML – don’t get left behind.

    The CAMS Recertification Process


    The CAMS recertification process is quick and easy. You need to:

    Maintain an active ACAMS membership

    Meet the continuing education credit requirements

    Submit the CAMS recertification application online during your recertification period, and pay a recertification fee


    For full details of the CAMS recertification process, download the candidate handbook. If you have any questions or need further assistance with your CAMS recertification application, please Contact Us.


    CAMS Recertification Requirements

    To complete your CAMS recertification, ACAMS asks you to provide evidence of your continuing education in the form of  ACAMS credits. You need 60 ACAMS credits in total to recertify, and 12 of these must come from training provided by ACAMS. All of your credits must have been earned in the three years since you obtained your CAMS certification (or since your most recent CAMS recertification).


    You will receive up to 12 credits for maintaining uninterrupted ACAMS membership - 4 credits for each year of membership - and 24 credits for professional experience - 8 credits for each year of professional experience you have.


    You will most likely already have the credits you need, but if not, ACAMS can help top up your total, with events, webinars, certificate courses, and many other resources. We also accept external credits towards recertification.

    CAMS Recertification Fees and Deadlines

    You need to complete your recertification three years after you obtained your CAMS certification, or three years after your most recent recertification. For example, if you obtained CAMS in 2018, you would need to recertify in 2021.


    We offer three recertification options, each with different costs:


    Early application by Oct 1: US$200
    For applications and payments submitted on or before October 1. If you obtained CAMS in 2018 (during any month), your early application deadline will be October 1, 2021.


    Regular application by Dec 15: US$250
    For applications and payments submitted on or before December 15. If you obtained CAMS in 2018 (during any month), your regular application deadline will be December 15, 2021.


    Late application by Mar 31: US$300
    If you miss the deadlines above, you can submit a late application. Your application and payment must be received by March 31. If you obtained CAMS in 2018 (during any month), your late application deadline will be March 31, 2022.


    If you miss the late application deadline, you can no longer submit an application. Your designation will expire, and to become CAMS certified again you will need to reapply for CAMS and retake the exam. For more information, please contact your account manager.

    Don't Limit Your Options

    Stay part of the global CAMS community. Make recertification your next step.

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