AfricaVerify is dedicated to compliance and due diligence needs in Africa. AfricaVerify currently holds the largest database dedicated to the identification of African persons and entities. It is a unique tool which allows for a complete and accurate due diligence process in Africa through the following filters, including:

  • General and Negative Press Review
  • Corporate Information (shareholders, directors, officers, etc.)
  • Graphs
  • Portraits and Biographical sources
  • Surveillance Lists
  • Legal Sources
  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)
  • Sanctions

International legislation has been tightened over the last few years, thus placing the burden on businesses and organizations to actively avoid, fight, and protect against financial crimes such as corruption, money laundering, and terrorism financing. To this end, AfricaVerify has become an essential tool for anyone doing business in Africa or with African persons and entities.