Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF), Taiwan

TABF is a non-profit organization, advised by Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) of Taiwan. We are a pioneer in Taiwan for research, training, proficiency testing, and publication services for banking professionals. With our innovative capacities in financial research and talent development, since May of 2000, when TABF was officially established through the merger of the Banking Institute of the Republic of China (BIROC) and the Banking and Finance Institute (BFI) as an important policy initiative of the financial authorities to strengthen the competitive advantages of Taiwan's financial sector, TABF has played a critical role in all aspects of the modernization and globalization of Taiwanese banks. We have responded to increasing demand for quality banking services and guided bankers through today's highly dynamic and competitive environment. Additionally, TABF is actively involved in the development of international banking communities, playing a role as a regional hub for knowledge transfers between Taiwan and the rest of financial world.