Precious Metals, Jewelry and Gems: A Money Launderer’s Best Friends?

  • When: October 10, 2018
  • Time: 12PM – 2PM ET
  • Level: All

Precious metals, jewelry and gems are common conduits for money laundering due to their high market demand, liquidity and transferability. The changeability of precious metals, which can be melted down, thus obliterating refinery marks, can make them virtually untraceable. Join us for this intriguing webinar as panelists detail typologies common to using precious metals, jewelry and gems to launder illicit funds, along with tips for detecting, investigating and resolving suspicious activities linked to such activities.

Learning Objectives

  • Reviewing recent AML case studies involving precious metals, jewelry or gems, including the Miami gold dealer money laundering scheme
  • Implementing risk models and monitoring techniques to detect criminal activities tied to precious gemstones, including smuggling and illegal mining
  • Escalating alerts and red flags to ensure thorough investigation and prompt resolution of suspicious activities indicating illicit activities involving precious metal dealers and jewelers

Who Should Attend

  • Chief Compliance Officers
  • Compliance Personnel
  • Lawyers/Accountants


  • Global
  • Bank
  • Law Enforcement


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Liat Shetret
  • Liat Shetret, CAMS

  • Senior Advisor on Financial Integrity and MENA Programs and Consultant
  • Independent Consultant and Global Center on Cooperative Security