APAC Update: Sanction Challenges in Maintaining Business Relationships

  • When: March 10, 2017
  • Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM HKT
  • Level: All

Despite increasingly strict and complex sanctions, financial institutions throughout the APAC region are considering having business relationships with sanctioned nations such as Iran, Iraq and Myanmar. This webinar will provide attendees needed guidance on creating an effective sanctions management program and an updated, comprehensive compliance strategy for dealing with sanctioned nations. Industry experts will detail practical strategies to mitigate the risks and avoid potential penalties associated with doing business with sanctioned nations.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyzing continuing risks with Iran and other sanctioned nations to ensure monitoring models are capable of real-time adjustments
  • Creating institutional risk profile metrics that demonstrate appropriate KYC and CDD procedures
  • Maintaining a risk-based approach to sanctions management that aligns with regulatory expectations

Who Should Attend

  • Sanctions Risk Managers
  • Compliance Officers
  • Legal Counsel
  • Industry Consultants


  • APAC
  • Global
  • Banks
  • MSBs
  • Securities

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Hue Dang
  • Hue Dang, CAMS-Audit

  • Head of Asia Pacific


Ms. Dang is the Head of Asia Pacific of ACAMS, having established its regional head office in Hong Kong in 2008. Ms. Dang has more than 25 years’ experience in banking and finance. Prior to ACAMS, she was a Bank Examiner at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Manager with Barclays Capital’s Investment Banking Division in Singapore, Director for Business Development at Citibank’s Global Consumer Banking Group in Singapore and Director of Business Development, Asia/Pacific, for Thomson Financial in Hong Kong. Ms. Dang holds educational degrees from the US, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with honors from Amherst College and a Master in Public Policy from Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government.


Maggie Qiu
  • Maggie Qiu | 裘萧帆

  • Head of Sanctions, Financial Crimes Compliance – Greater China & North Asia | 大中华和北亚区经济制裁合规总监
  • Standard Chartered Bank | 渣打银行

Bio | 简介

Maggie Qiu is the Head of Sanctions of Greater China and North Asia at Standard Chartered Bank, which has the responsibilities managing the Sanctions Compliance Program for the region. Prior to joining Standard Chartered, she was the Regional Program Director, Global Financial Crimes Compliance for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and was responsible for regulatory exams, audit, regulatory changes, compliance Monitoring & Testing, issue management, Policy and Program, Risk Assessments, and trainings for 12 jurisdictions in the Asia Pacific region.

Before relocated to Hong Kong on January 2014, Ms. Qiu was the Head of FCC & MLRO for Bank of American China, and led Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Anti-Money Laundering and Economic Sanctions efforts for all branches in China. She had been in that role since 2010, and previously, Ms. Qiu worked for Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in Bank of American’s Global Headquarter in US. Before joining Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Ms. Qiu also held various risk management roles in Wachovia, and Wells Fargo in United States. Ms. Qiu received her Master degree from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA, also a frequent speaker at international seminars and conferences for Financial Crimes Compliance, Sanctions, Banking Regulatory and Digital Currencies.

Nicholas Turner
  • Nicholas Turner, CAMS

  • Of Counsel
  • Steptoe & Johnson


Nick Turner is an attorney with Steptoe & Johnson. He is based in Hong Kong. He specializes in advising companies in Asia Pacific on compliance with anti-money laundering and sanctions laws and regulations. He previous served as a regional sanctions compliance officer for Citibank in Hong Kong.

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