Achieving a Successful Audit After a Merger or Acquisition: Know What is Expected for Seamless AML/BSA Compliance

Author: Rebecca Schauer Robertson, CAMS-Audit, CFE

Being involved in numerous acquisitions and at least one merger over the past decade, I have learned what I consider “best practices” to ensure a continued culture of BSA/AML compliance by identifying critical processes that auditors and examiners expect to occur simultaneously as soon as the “ink meets the paper” when multiple companies come together to operate as one. My hope in writing this white paper is to share what I have learned with readers so each will be prepared with upfront knowledge in order to proactively incorporate steps throughout a merger or acquisition that will ultimately result in a seamless culture of BSA/AML compliance.

The following white paper is based on personal and professional experience, trial and error, and surviving audits and exams after a merger or acquisition.

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