ACAMS 11th Annual Taiwan Conference – “Enhanced AML and Financial Crime Tools & Techniques”
ACAMS 第十一届台灣《加強防制洗錢 / 打擊金融犯罪實用工具和技巧》地區會議

  • When:
    16 January 2020 (Thursday)
    2020 年 1 月16 日(星期四)
  • Where:
  • Venue:
    Hua Nan Bank International Convention Center
    No.123, Songren Road, Xinyi District
    Taipei City, Taiwan

    台灣台北市信義區松仁路 123 號


Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance

Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF), Taiwan

This one-day Conference, in partnership with the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance, provides a platform for in-depth discussions covering key areas of anti-money laundering compliance and financial crime prevention. Our speaker faculty will share exceptional insights on a wide range of topics, including regional compliance challenges.

Educational Credit Units (ECUs)

Six Educational Credit Units (ECUs) will be given upon attendance of the Conference. The ECUs are accruable to the application of the CAMS Exam (as Qualifying Credits), or CAMS Recertification.



於出席會議後,參會者可取得 6 個進修學分。學分用作申請 CAMS 考試(作為資格積分),或 CAMS 資格重新認證。

** Simultaneous translation between English and Mandarin Chinese will be provided. **
** 提供英中同傳翻譯。 **


08:00 – 09:00 Registration and Morning Tea
09:00 – 09:20 Welcome Remarks

Hue Dang, CAMS-Audit, Head of Asia Pacific, ACAMS
公認反洗錢師協會 亞太區執行長 鄧芳慧 (CAMS-Audit)
Dr. WU Chung-Shu, CAMS-Audit, Chairman, Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance
台灣金融研訓院 董事長 吳中書 (CAMS-Audit)
09:20 – 09:30 The Anti-Financial Crime Professional of the Future

Speaker 講者:
Rohit Sharma, CAMS, President & Managing Director, ACAMS
09:30 – 09:50 Keynote Address

Speaker 講者:
Tien-Mu Thomas Huang, Vice Chairperson, Financial Supervisory Commission
金融監督管理委員會 副主任委員 黃天牧
09:50 – 10:45 Regulatory Update: Analyzing Regional AML Trends and New Developments

Speakers 講者:
Hue Dang, CAMS-Audit, Head of Asia Pacific, ACAMS
公認反洗錢師協會 亞太區執行長 鄧芳慧 (CAMS-Audit)
HUNG Chen-Che, Chief, Banking Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission
金融監督管理委員會 銀行局科長 洪振哲
10:45 – 10:55 Welcome of ACAMS Taiwan Chapter Board & Members
10:55 – 11:15 Networking and Refreshment Break
11:15 – 12:15 Sharing Best Practices: How Securities Companies, Insurance Companies and Banks can Share Best Practices on AML / CTF
最佳實務共享:證券保險業與銀行業針對防制洗錢 /

Moderator 主持人:
Joyce Hsu, CAMS-FCI, AML Director – North Asia ACAMS
公認反洗錢師協會 北亞區反洗錢合規策略總監 許朧方 (CAMS-FCI)

Speakers 講者:
CHENG Chiao Ching, CAMS, Senior Vice President/Chief Compliance Officer, Fubon Securities Co., Ltd
富邦綜合證券股份有限公司 法遵暨法務部副總經理 鄭樵卿 (CAMS)
CHIN Pei-Hua, CAMS, V.P. & Deputy Division Chief, First Commercial Bank
第一商業銀行 法遵處洗錢防制部經理副處長 金佩華 (CAMS)
Joseph Kao, Chief Compliance Officer, Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
新光人壽保險股份有限公司 法遵長 高全國
12:15 – 13:15 Networking Luncheon
13:15 – 14:15 Virtual Currencies and Cybercrime: Examining the Converging Methods of Cybercrime and Money Laundering around the Use of Virtual Currencies

Moderator 主持人:
Dr. William Scott Grob, CAMS-FCI, AML Director – APAC, ACAMS
公認反洗錢師協會 亞太區反洗錢合規策略總監 高威廉博士 (CAMS-FCI)

Speakers 講者:
Akil Baldwin, Attaché for Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan, Homeland Security Investigations, U.S. Consulate General Hong Kong
Sandeep Kothari, CAM-Audit, FCC Product Management, Standard Chartered Bank
14:15 – 15:15 從盡職調查看加強盡調與實質受益人,及在交易監控上的運用

Moderator 主持人:
Joyce Hsu, CAMS-FCI, AML Director – North Asia ACAMS
公認反洗錢師協會 北亞區反洗錢合規策略總監 許朧方 (CAMS-FCI)

Speakers 講者:
Nadia Chen, Board Committee Member, ACAMS Taiwan Chapter, Chairperson, Female Leadership Committee, Taiwan Listed Companies Association
ACAMS台灣反洗錢推廣協會 理事成員 台灣上市櫃公司協會 女性領導人委員會 召集人 陳淑娟
SHANG Yu Ying, CAMS, Vice President, CTBC Bank
中國信託商業銀行 法令遵循處協理 尚玉瑛 (CAMS)
15:15 – 15:35 Networking and Refreshment Break
15:35 – 17:00 Interactive Workshop: Digital Identity and eKYC: How to Look at the Growing Technology Requirements and Financial Crime-related Risks

Dr. William Scott Grob, CAMS-FCI, AML Director – APAC, ACAMS
公認反洗錢師協會 亞太區反洗錢合規策略總監 高威廉博士 (CAMS-FCI)

Speakers 講者:
Brian Huang, Chief Compliance & AML officer, Cathay United Bank
國泰世華銀行 總機構法遵主管暨洗錢防制專責主管 黃允暐
YU Man Him, CAMS, Partner, Forensic & Integrity Services, Greater China. Ernst & Young Advisory Services Limited
安永(中國)企業咨詢公司 法政調查服務 合伙人 余文謙 (CAMS)
17:00 – 17:10 Closing Remarks

** Programme information is subject to change without further notice. **
** 活動內容有可能改變而不作另行通知,敬請留意。**

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Thomson Reuters


ACAMS Members and Non-Members
ACAMS 會員及非會員
USD 230 (TWD 7,000)
美元 230(新台幣7,000元)

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Keynote Address 主題演講

Tien-Mu Thomas Huang - 黃天牧委員<
  • Tien-Mu Thomas Huang | 黃天牧委員

  • Vice Chairperson | 副主任
  • Financial Supervisory Commission | 金融監察管理委員會

Bio | 簡介

B.A., Department of Banking, National Chengchi University
M.A., Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies for Social Sciences, National Sun Yat-sen University
Doctoral Degree of University of Southern California

Division Director, Bureau of Monetary Affairs, Ministry of Finance (currently Banking Bureau of the FSC)
General Secretary, Bureau of Monetary Affairs, Ministry of Finance
Deputy Director-General, Bureau of Monetary Affairs, Ministry of Finance
Chief Secretary, Financial Supervisory Commission
Acting Director General, Financial Examination Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission
Director-General, Insurance Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission
Director-General, Securities and Futures Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission



Speaker Faculty (Surname in Alphabetical Order)講者(根據英文姓氏字母排序)

  • Akil Baldwin

  • Attaché for Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan
  • Homeland Security Investigations, U.S. Consulate General Hong Kong


Akil Baldwin was selected as the Regional Attaché for Homeland Security Investigations in Hong Kong in August 2019. As the HSI Attaché, he provides investigative and programmatic oversight in support of HSI’s international mission in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Prior to his current assignment, Mr. Baldwin was the Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) for the Public Safety division at Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), New York. In this capacity, he oversaw a human smuggling group; three human trafficking groups; and a narcotics group. He also served a long term TDY as the acting Deputy Special Agent in Charge for the HSI New York El Dorado Financial Crimes Task Force.

Mr. Baldwin served four years as the HSI Deputy Attaché in Brussels, Belgium where he had investigative oversight of HSI’s mission in Brussels and Luxembourg.

Prior to serving overseas, Mr. Baldwin was assigned to the Homeland Security Investigations, Office of International Operations (IO) headquarters division as an Operations Manager supporting activities of the Attaché offices in Mexico and the Visa Security program. He also served as the acting Assistant Attaché in Brussels, Belgium; Mexico City, Mexico; Casablanca, Morocco; and Amman, Jordan.

Mr. Baldwin began his career in 2002 as Special Agent at the HSI Washington, D.C. field office and was responsible for investigating extraterritorial human smuggling networks, transnational gangs and human rights violators. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland with the degree in Criminology.

Mr. Baldwin is married and has two children.

Nadia Chen
  • Nadia Chen | 陳淑娟

  • Board Committee Member | 理事成員
  • ACAMS Taiwan Chapter | ACAMS台灣反洗錢推廣協會
  • Chairperson, Female Leadership Committee | 女性領導人委員會
  • Taiwan Listed Companies Association | 女性領導人委員會

Bio | 簡介

Nadia Chen is currently ACAMS Taiwan Chapter Board Member and is also leading the Female Leadership Committee as the Chairperson. The Female Leadership Committee is one of the sub-committees under Taiwan Listed Companies Association where she committed to elevate, improve and promote the female capacities and gender equality as well as the relevant issues for females in financial and industry sectors. She was previously the Country Executive for BNY Mellon in Taiwan until October 2019.

Ms. Chen joined BNY Mellon (the largest Custody Bank in global) Global Client Management team in 2007 and was responsible for maintaining high-profile and c-suite level client relationships including government owned entities and financial institutions as well as maintaining open communications with regulators in Taiwan. A recipient of the BNY Mellon’s prestigious “Stars Award” in 2012, Ms. Chen was appointed the role of Country Executive for BNY Mellon in Taiwan in September 2014. Prior to BNY Mellon, Nadia served as the Chief Representative for Commerzbank AG Taipei Representative for Commerzbank AG Taipei Representative Office between 2002 to 2007. She joined Lloyds Bank Taipei Branch in 1988 and worked in other financial institutions in Taiwan including with ING Bank and Standard Bank of South Africa, totaling to over 30 years of extensive experience in the financial industry.

Ms. Chen received her International Executive Master of Business Administration degree from the National Taipei University in 2006, and she has been actively involved in participating in alumni activities since then. In the most of her banking career, she is also active in participating drafting/advocating white paper/hot issues, including but not limited to compliance/AML, corporate governance, CSR, ESG and SDG etc., to regulators and societies via foreign and local commercial chambers or associations in Taiwan.




CHENG Chiao Ching
  • CHENG Chiao Ching, CAMS | 鄭樵卿 (CAMS)

  • Senior Vice President/Chief Compliance Officer | 法遵暨法務部副總經理
  • Fubon Securities Co., Ltd | 富邦綜合證券股份有限公司

Bio | 簡介

  • 富邦證券法遵暨法務部副總經理 / 法令遵循主管 / 洗防專責主管
  • 證券公會法務暨法遵委員會副召集人 /「證券商法令遵循風險管理及評估程序(CRA)實務參考」工作小組召集人 / 「防制洗錢及打擊資恐工作小組」委員 /「防制洗錢及打擊資恐人員在職班」講師
  • 證基會「防制洗錢及打擊資恐人員資格取得班」講師
  • 台灣金融研訓院「防制洗錢及打擊資恐政策及法令解析、實務與案例」編輯委員
  • 公認反洗錢師(CAMS)

  • CHIN Pei-Hua, CAMS | 金佩華 (CAMS)

  • V.P. & Deputy Division Chief | 法遵處洗錢防制部經理副處長
  • First Commercial Bank | 第一商業銀行

Bio | 簡介 Management, School of Business, Jilin University, China
LLM of Commercial Law, University of Nottingham, UK
Bachelor of Laws, Soochow University, Taiwan(ROC)


Vice President & Deputy Division Chief, Compliance Division, First Commercial Bank
Assistant Vice President & General Manager, AML/CFT Dep., Compliance Division, First Commercial Bank
Assistant Vice President & General Manager, Compliance Dep., Compliance Division, First Commercial Bank
AML/CFT Lecturer, TABF
AML/CFT Lecturer, MJIB
AML/CFT Lecturer, BA




  • Hue Dang, CAMS-Audit | 鄧芳慧 (CAMS-Audit)

  • Head of Asia Pacific | 亞太區執行長
  • ACAMS | 公認反洗錢師協會 (ACAMS)

Bio | 簡介

Ms. Dang is the Head of Asia Pacific of ACAMS, having established its regional head office in Hong Kong in 2008. Ms. Dang has more than 25 years’ experience in banking and finance. Prior to ACAMS, she was a Bank Examiner at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Manager with Barclays Capital’s Investment Banking Division in Singapore, Director for Business Development at Citibank’s Global Consumer Banking Group in Singapore and Director of Business Development, Asia/Pacific, for Thomson Financial in Hong Kong. Ms. Dang holds educational degrees from the US, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with honors from Amherst College and a Master in Public Policy from Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government.

鄧芳慧女士供職於公認反洗錢師協會 (ACAMS),於 2008 年設立協會亞太區總部 (位於香港)並擔任亞太 區執行長。鄧芳慧女士在金融業有超過25年的經驗,曾擔波士頓美國聯邦銀行(Federal Reserve Bank) 審查官、新加坡巴克萊資本投資銀行(Barclays Capital’s Investment Banking) 經理、新加坡花旗全球消費者 銀行(Citibank’s Global Consumer Banking Group) 業務發展總裁和香港湯姆森金融公司(Thomson Financial)亞太區業務發展總裁。鄧女士在美國安默斯特學院 (Amherst College) 獲榮譽文學士學位畢業,亦為美國 哈佛大學約翰.肯尼迪政府學院的公共政策碩士。

William Scott Grob
  • Dr. William Scott Grob, CAMS-FCI |
    高威廉博士 (CAMS-FCI)

  • AML Director – APAC | 亞太區反洗錢合規策略總監
  • ACAMS | 公認反洗錢師協會 (ACAMS)

Bio | 簡介

Dr. Grob has over 25 years of financial and banking expertise. His most recent role was as Regional Head of Affiliates Management, HSBC, where he worked on mitigating financial crime and correspondent banking risks across Asia. His 12-year career at the bank also included managing risk within the Equity/FX prime brokerage business, Structured Funds business, and Hedge Fund units.

Dr. Grob earned a Bachelor’s degree from Boston University, a Master of Arts from George Mason University, a certificate from Harvard Business School’s General Management Program, and a Doctorate of Management from SMC University (USA), where his dissertation was focused on correspondent banking- “IMPACT OF CORRESPONDENT BANK ENHANCED DUE DILIGENCE PRACTICES.” Also, he has designations from the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association, and Global Association of Risk Professionals (FRM).


Grob博士先後獲得波士頓大學的學士學位,喬治梅森大學的文科碩士學位,哈佛商學院的綜合管理項目證書,以及聖莫妮卡學院(SMC,美國)的管理學博士學位,其博士論文專注於研究 代理銀行 – “代理銀行增強盡職調查的影響”(對應銀行增強盡職調查的影響)。此外,他還通過了特許另類投資分析師(CAIA)協會,以及全球風險管理專業人士協會的金融風險 管理師(FRM)認證。

  • Joyce Hsu, CAMS-FCI | 許朧方 (CAMS-FCI)

  • AML Director – North Asia | 北亞區反洗錢合規策略總監
  • ACAMS | 公認反洗錢師協會 (ACAMS)

Bio | 簡介

Ms. Hsu has over 27 years’ experience in the banking industry and joined ACAMS as a subject-matter expert since 2016, with the primary responsibility of developing and executing a strategy in AML/CFT training and knowledge-sharing with a focus in the Mandarin Chinese language. Her 20 years within group, she has worked and charge not only front line but also operation and risk department. Previously, she was in charge of security and investigation service for Citi Taiwan.

Her previous experience includes 5 years being responsible for providing Financial Crime and Operational Risk Management solutions for a leading Consulting firm with a particular expertise in AML and Operational Risk Management. Her expertise is focused on financial crime management and investigation. Various roles included progressing from being a front line operator, sales to senior manager of a headquartered-operation center with further progression into a risk manager role. Some accomplishments included: building up Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Fraud Management for tier one banks in China; designing and implementing ORM tools and systems for an entire bank; and leading a team to develop the banking operation management capability for one of the largest banks in China.

許朧方女士擁有逾27年銀行從業經驗。她於2016年加入公認反洗錢師協會(ACAMS),為協會的反洗錢合規策略總監,主要負責反洗錢和反恐融資活動相關議題的培訓及知識共享策略的製定和執行,尤其是對以華語為主要語言的大中華區。她在集團工作的2 0年中, 不僅曾在第一線工作, 還曾經負責集中運營和風險部門。此前,她曾任職於花旗銀行(台灣),主管安全和調查服務部門。許女士在防范金融犯罪和風險管理領域擁有尤為豐富的從業經驗,曾連續5年負責為一家全球領先的顧問公司提供金融犯罪和風險管理解決方案。她擅長金融犯罪管理和調查。許女士在銀行任職期間曾擔任多種職位,從基層客服、銷售,到總部運營中心和風險管理。她的成就包括:輔導中國多家第一級銀行建立反洗錢和反欺詐管理機制、為中國四大行之一設計反洗錢及合規體系,為四大行之一設計規劃全面風險管理體系,以及帶領團隊為一家中國超大型銀行打造銀行集中運營管理機制及流程。

HUNG Chen-Che
  • HUNG Chen-Che | 洪振哲

  • Chief, Banking Bureau | 銀行局科長
  • Financial Supervisory Commission | 金融監督管理委員會

Bio | 簡介

-Section Chief of Banking Bureau, FSC
-Respondent and representative of FSC for APG 3rd round Mutual Evaluation
-Lecturer of Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance, Bankers Association, etc.
-In charge of FSC’s 2015 financial sector risk assessment and participating in Taiwan’s 2018 national risk assessment
-Participating in the development of FSC’s Strategy Map for AML/CFT


Brian Huang
  • Brian Huang | 黃允暐

  • Chief Compliance & AML officer | 總機構法遵主管暨洗錢防制專責主管
  • Cathay United Bank | 國泰世華銀行

Bio | 簡介

Brian Huang is the Chief Compliance & AML officer of Cathay United Bank. He has over 20 years banking experiences, of which more than 12 years are related to AML/CFT including correspondent banking, CDD/EDD, Sanction screening, transaction monitoring, SAR investigation and reporting. Prior to joining Cathay United Bank, he held positions with China Development Financial, Bank of America, Citibank, HSBC and others.

Mr. Huang earned Bachelor’s degree in Information Management from National Central University, and holds LLM and MBA degree, both from National Cheng Chi University, Taiwan.

黃允暐目前任職於國泰世華商業銀行,擔任總機構法遵主管及洗錢防制專責主管。在他超過20年的銀行工作經驗中,在AML/CFT領域有12年以上的經驗,包括:通匯銀行,CDD/EDD, 制裁掃描,交易監控,異常交易調查與可疑交易申報等。在國泰世華服務前,他曾任職於中華開發金控,美國銀行,花旗銀行與匯豐銀行等。


Joseph Kao
  • Joseph Kao | 高全國

  • Chief Compliance Officer | 法遵長
  • Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd. | 新光人壽保險股份有限公司

Bio | 簡介

Current Position:
Chief Compliance Officer & AML officer (Vice President), Shin Kong Financial Holdings and Shin Kong Life

Educational Background:
Ph.D. Candidate in Law, National Taiwan University; Executive MBA & LLM & LLB, National Taiwan University

National Manager Excellence Award of Taiwan, 2016 (General Counsel)


  • Chairman, In-house Lawyers Committee, Taipei Bar Association(since2011)
  • Director of Board, Taipei Bar Association (2011-2017)
  • Practicing Lawyer, Taipei & Taoyuan
  • Lecturer in Business Law, TKU


  • Taipei Bar Member (since 1996)
  • AML/CFT Specialist, Taiwan Academy of Banking and finance (2018)

現職:新光金控及新光人壽 法遵長(副總經理)

學歷:台灣大學法研所博士班、台灣大學法律碩士 、台灣大學財金碩士



  • 台北律師公會 企業律師法務委員會 主任委員(現任)
  • 台北律師公會 理事、監事
  • 全球人壽 法務長暨副總經理
  • 日盛金控暨銀行 總機構法令遵循主管
  • 日盛證券 法務部協理
  • 淡江大學兼任講師(主授:公司法、票據法)
  • 台北及桃園執業律師

Sandeep Kothari
  • Sandeep Kothari, CAMS-Audit

  • FCC Product Management
  • Standard Chartered Bank


Sandeep Kothari is an experienced finance industry professional currently working in Financial Crime Compliance at Standard Chartered Bank. He has worked with European and Australian financial organizations in Singapore and Europe leading their change transformation, risk and vendor management.

Mr. Kothari has led global software and vendor management portfolios shaping enterprise demand, go-to market approach, and industry-beating outperformance. He also led initiatives driving regulatory compliance, technology optimization, project office, governance and operational risk.

Mr. Kothari has led teams for infrastructure control, regulatory risk assessment, and audit compliance across Asia Pacific. In his voluntary capacity, is Past President of Information Systems Audit Control Association (ISACA) Singapore and co-authored COBIT 4.0

Rohit Sharma
  • Rohit Sharma, CAMS

  • President & Managing Director


Rohit Sharma, CAMS, is the President & Managing Director of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS).

Rohit joined ACAMS in January 2019 with significant global experience in delivering financial and social impact across many sectors including for-profit education, travel, aviation, and consulting. Prior to ACAMS, Rohit spent close to a decade with Laureate Education Inc., a leader in higher education. In his most recent role there, Rohit led a global digital transformation initiative aimed at improving student experience starting with Laureate’s key Latin American markets of Brazil & Peru. Prior to that he spent several years in South-East Asia where he led the transformation of Laureate’s Malaysia business first as CFO, COO and eventually as CEO. That transformation led to significant value creation during his tenure in addition to delivering the highest student outcomes and employee engagement results registered.

Rohit’s career prior to Laureate was spent across US, India and Singapore mainly in the travel industry where he was part of finance and strategy teams of Private Equity-backed enterprises. Early in his career, Rohit also worked as a management consultant with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) where he advised Fortune 100 clients on strategic and operational improvement issues.

Rohit has a B.Tech from IIT Kanpur in India and an MBA from the Darden Business School at the University of Virginia, USA.

  • SHANG Yu Ying, CAMS | 尚玉瑛 (CAMS)

  • Vice President | 法令遵循處協理
  • CTBC Bank | 中國信託商業銀行

Bio | 簡介


  • Vice President of Compliance Division, CTBC BANK
  • Main respondent and representative of CTBC BANK and The Bankers Association of the ROC for APG 3rd Mutual Evaluations
  • Main respondent and representative of CTBC BANK for APG 2nd Mutual Evaluations
  • API Technology Implementation「Customer Identification Program Core(CIPC)」
  • Coordinate and Implement CTBC AML/CFT function, including policy
  • making and build
  • up the system
  • Lecturer of AMLD、The Bankers Association of the ROC、ACAMS, etc


  • 中國信託商業銀行及銀行公會APG第三輪評鑑代表及主答人
  • 中國信託商業銀行APG第二輪評鑑代表及主答人
  • 應用智能及API技術建置「AML/CFT客戶辨識核心平台」
  • 統籌中國信託商業銀行防制洗錢及打擊資恐法令遵循事宜、全球防制洗錢及打擊資恐政策及建置全銀行防制洗錢及打擊資恐系統
  • 調查局洗錢防制處、銀行公會、ACAMS講師等

  • Dr. WU, Chung-Shu, CAMS-Audit | 吳中書 (CAMS-Audit)

  • Chairman | 董事長
  • Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance | 台灣金融研訓院

Bio | 簡介


  • Ph.D. in Economics, Northwestern University
  • Economics, National Taiwan University

Major Past Career:

  • President, Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research
  • Adjunct Research Fellow, Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica
  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Economics, National Taiwan University
  • Honorary Professor, Department of Finance, National Dong Hwa University


  • 國立臺灣大學經濟學 學士
  • 美國西北大學經濟學 博士


  • 中華經濟研究院 院長
  • 中央研究院經濟研究所 兼任研究員
  • 國立台灣大學經濟系 兼任教授

YU Man Him
  • YU Man Him, CAMS | 余文謙 (CAMS)

  • Partner, Forensic & Integrity Services, Greater China | 合伙人 法政調查服務
  • Ernst & Young Advisory Services Limited | 安永(中國)企業咨詢公司


Mr. Yu is a Partner with the Forensic & Integrity Services at Ernst & Young Greater China with over 19 years’ experience in Financial Crime Compliance, Forensic Investigations, Anti Bribery and Corruption, and Compliance Risks management.

Mr. Yu has worked in many financial crime compliance projects and forensic investigations assignments in the Financial Services industry; with sound experience in retail & commercial banking, investment banking business, insurance and asset management companies across Asia Pacific. He has also worked in various global FCPA investigations, conducted multiple Anti-fraud and ABAC risk assessments for MNCs, and presenting findings and recommendations to Senior Management, Senior Executives and Boards.

Mr. Yu speaks in many industry conferences including ACFE, ACCA, ISACA, AmCham and SwissCham on topical AML sessions; he also provides tailored in-house training to Boards and Senior Management of global financial institutions. Mr. Yu is a former Law Enforcement Officer with the Independent Commission Against Corruption Hong Kong. He has assisted public prosecutions and gave evidence in court.