In this new video series from ACAMS, Kieran Beer, Chief Analyst at ACAMS, sits down with anti-financial crime professionals from government, financial institutions, law enforcement and not-for profits to discuss the challenges they face in fighting fraud, human trafficking, terror finance and other financial crimes.

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Rick A. Small – BB&T Bank

In this episode Kieran sits down with good friend and long ACAMS associate, Rick Small. Rick serves as chairman on the ACAMS Advisory Board and is the Director of Financial Crimes Program at BB&T bank. The two cover a range of topics, including the role, relationship and history ACAMS has with the industry of anti-financial crime.

Matis Maeker – Estonian Financial Supervision Authority

In this episode, Matis Maeker, Head of AML/CFT and PSP supervision at the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority, discusses his country’s proactive approach to fighting money laundering in the wake of the Russian Laundromat scandal and the risks associated with licensing virtual currency service providers.

Dennis M. Lormel – President & CEO, DML Associates

In this episode Dennis M. Lormel discusses the increased interest by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate domestic terrorism brought on by the recent shootings and hate crimes in the USA and around the world.

Daniel Thelesklaf – Director, FIU Switzerland

In this episode Daniel Thelesklaf discusses the “Liechtenstein Initiative” a multi-national effort to fight human trafficking, including how the initiative enables some of the 40 million victims of human trafficking, who are often profiled as criminals, to reenter the global financial system and begin new lives

Anna Bradshaw – Partner, Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP

In this episode, Anna Bradshaw breaks down the effect Brexit will have on the fight against financial crime, regulatory innovations coming out of the U.K. and Europe, and how U.S. sanctions are still setting the pace of global economic sanctions.