ACAMS General Awareness

Your solution for Enterprise-wide AML General Awareness Training

ACAMS AML General Awareness is an e-learning tool designed for large organizations to reach employees at every level of the company, making them aware of their roles and responsibilities in detecting and preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. The online tool adapts to each employee’s current understanding of AML principles, creating less demand on their time.


ACAMS AML General Awareness delivers an effective method of education and testing designed to:

  • Ensure your entire team is aware of their role in detecting and preventing financial crimes
  • Minimize your employees’ time spent training, allowing more experienced staff to test out of topics with which they are familiar
  • Offer consistency and depth that satisfy regulator demands

ACAMS AML General Awareness is applicable to all employees at every level of your organization, allowing you to reach team members and departments that you otherwise might not have been able to cost-effectively train. Examples of those who will benefit include:

  • Bank tellers
  • Financial analysts
  • Loan officers
  • Financial managers
  • Compliance specialists
  • Senior management
  • Risk management


Feel confident knowing your team is equipped with essential AML knowledge, helping to satisfy upper management and regulator demands

Choosing ACAMS AML General Awareness as your organization’s training solution is a smart move. Our powerful training and testing tool ensures that your entire team will be aware of their role in detecting and preventing financial crimes and equips them with high-level knowledge that regulators are looking for.

  • Save time and money. ACAMS AML General Awareness utilizes flexible learning technology, allowing employees to study topics with which they are not familiar or to test out of sections in which they have demonstrable knowledge. This low-pressure, high-reward approach to learning eliminates wasted employee time and makes the team more efficient.
  • Satisfy regulator demands. ACAMS AML General Awareness is a single course for all employees that provides the consistency and coverage that regulators demand. Test records are easy to store, analyze, and share with regulators.
  • Training made simple. An online course, ACAMS AML General Awareness easily integrates with your Learning Management System and is accessible on mobile devices for on-the-go training.


Using a unique Adaptive Learning technology, ACAMS AML General Awareness offers flexibility based on the employee’s previous knowledge of the subject matter. With general awareness training sold by other providers, learners may attempt to bypass the entire course by taking the entire pretest. If they fail, they are then forced to review the entire course.

Because the ACAMS AML General Awareness course is segmented, experienced learners may choose to test out of narrow topics with which they are already familiar, while taking more time to study sections that are not as well understood.

With our approach, every learner can save time by choosing which topics to study and which to test out of.

ACAMS AML General Awareness covers six relevant topics, including:

  1. Money Laundering Basics
  2. AML Programs
  3. Assessing and Controlling Risk
  4. Customer Due Diligence/Know Your Customer
  5. Global Sanctions
  6. Recognizing and Reporting Unusual or Suspicious Activity

The entire course should take a novice 30-45 minutes to complete, while experienced employees can expect to finish it in as few as ten minutes, if testing out of all sections. Each of the six major topics has four assessment questions.

Video Demonstration

Minimum System Requirements:

Minimum Device Min Resolution Operating system Browser
iPad 4 1024 X 768 IOS 7+ Safari
iPhone 5c 1136 X 640 IOS 7+ Safari
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8″ 1280 X 800 Android 4.4+ Google Chrome
Samsung Galaxy 2 1280 X 800 Android 4.4+ Google Chrome
Laptop and Desktop 1024 X 768 Windows 7+ IE 10+, Chrome 30+, Firefox 18+