A Cost-Effective Way to Achieve Intermediate Transaction Monitoring Training

In order to help your teams better identify unusual customer activity so you can provide quality assurance, valuable feedback and useful documentation, ACAMS created this Transaction Monitoring training Certificate Course.

This AML training will dive into transaction monitoring analytics, transaction monitoring modeling and transaction modeling technology to better pinpoint criminal activity – saving time on attention otherwise spent analyzing transactions that can easily be explained. Because this intermediate AML transaction monitoring training goes further than basic understanding, you and your team will analyze comprehensive case studies that provide insight into filing Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs), for example, how to avoid filing “defensive SARs.”

Participants who successfully complete the Transaction Monitoring – Intermediate Certificate course receive*:

  • A certificate of completion proving their commitment to protecting their institution from financial crimes by demonstrating understanding of intermediate principles of Transaction Monitoring
  • Four CAMS credit hours to keep them on track towards CAMS certification or CAMS recertification

Additionally, an introductory first year of ACAMS membership and all accompanying benefits is included with registration for ACAMS Certificates courses. Membership includes ongoing education and information resources on anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing, and other financial crimes.

In four weeks participants complete a mix of self-paced and live assignments:

  • A 30-minute video on the essentials of Transaction Monitoring – Intermediate, packed with examples, red flags, what-ifs, poll questions and other activities to fully engage the learner
  • Two 90-minute interactive live virtual classrooms which include case studies, Q&A sessions, polling and practice questions focusing on Transaction Monitoring – Intermediate
  • 15-minute homework encouraging engagement with the community of their peers
  • 15-minute final assessment

Transaction Monitoring – Intermediate Certificate Course System requirements

Transaction Monitoring- Intermediate is compatible with most operating systems and browsers to make it easy for everyone to participate. The course uses:

  • WebEx Event Center (not compatible with tablets or smartphones)
  • MP4 format video
  • The ACAMS Learning Management System (LMS) (https://acams.exceedlms.com)

*To earn the certificate you must pass the assessment within the 4 weeks


ACAMS Members *Non-Members
$395 $495
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Start Dates

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  • Course Start Date: November 29, 2017

    Live events: 12 PM ET
    December 6 and December 13
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